I'll tell you the reason why I started making this Blog... 

I know there's a lot of English study sites online. But the fact is that most of them are grammar forums that discuss tricky and, worse, debatable topics

Few of them actually show how to learn the language. And very few of them teach English in a way that's easy enough for the average student to understand. 

When we say "average student," we mean the common non-native speakers of English. In a word, those people who didn't grow up hearing English. 

When you think about this audience, you wonder how much of the ESL lessons out there they can really understand. 

This is the Number One reason I decided to make a Blog like "Cool Elf." 

Keep putting yourself in the students' shoes, I say. 

I want to make ESL instruction easier, simpler and clearer. I want to gear the lessons closer to the target audience.


Well, first, I think people should make any English lesson as direct as they can. This means less traditional explanations that, at worst, make students even more confused. 

If we really have to give explanations, then they should be as sharp and as effective as possible. 

Practice is much more needed. 

In other words: "Show, don't explain." 

Second and last, I've always believed in the important role that English can play towards building international friendships. 

So, I’ll leave you with my guiding principle for the English Language: B.B.B.B.

It means “Break Borders and Build Bridges!” 


Keep on learning !


私はこのブログを“COOL ELF.”と呼ぶことにしました。これは“COOL English Lessons for Free(英語は楽しくってカッコいい)の略です。


これで紹介文で伝えるべきことは全部だと思います。みんなからの意見を楽しみにしています。最後に、私の英語に対する理念を伝えたいと思います“B.B.B.B.” これは“Break Borders and Build Bridges”の略で、英語は国境を越えて世界をつなぐ懸け橋になる…という意味です。

Any Questions?

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