42. Enough vs. Too

41. In the Way vs. On the Way

40. Transitive vs. Intransitive  

39. Freedom vs. Liberty 

38. Nerd vs. Geek 

37. Never mind vs. Forget It 

36. All right vs. Alright, All ready vs. Already 

35. Why vs. How come

34. There vs. Their vs. They're 

33. Remember vs. Remind vs. Memorize 

32. Might vs. May

31. Exchange vs. Replace vs. Substitute 

30. Very vs. Really vs. So

29. Close vs. Closed 

28. Count vs. Noncount Nouns  

27. Noun vs. Verb

26. Steal vs. Rob 

25. Stop smoking vs. Stop to smoke 

24. Afraid of vs. Afraid to 

23. Noun Clause vs. Adjective Clause 

22. By vs. Until 

21. Most vs. Most of vs. Almost vs. The most

20. Should vs. Ought to vs. Had better

19. Protect vs. Prevent vs. Preserve

18. During vs. While

17. Scary vs. Scared 

16. So vs. Such

15. Nearby vs. Near

14. Short of vs. Out of 

13. To vs. At

12. How vs. What 

11. By myself vs. Myself

10. Fun vs. Funny?

One way of learning English is by putting 2 expressions side by side and comparing them. If you know the similarities and differences between the 2 expressions, then you have a better chance of knowing how to use them. 

At first, two expressions might seem the same, but when you highlight how they are similar and how they are different, then you start to know both expressions well. 

Keep on learning !

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