Sunday, April 19

Lesson 2: The Simple and Easy Action Verb

First, the combination Subject + Action is a very common and basic structure in English. It’s the easiest. We simply keep in mind who is the “actor” and what is the “action.” For example, “I study,” You teach,” “The bird flies,” “The train runs,” etc. 

But our wide group of Verbs sometimes also talks about a situation or feeling, not action. For example, They think or She likes.”

If you remember the order “Actor + Action,” then you will know that it’s wrong to say The hamburger eats.” 

RUN! It's the Hamburger Monster!! 

Rather, “I eat the hamburger” is right. 

In any case, the Actor + Action pattern is the first, most basic structure you should practice and it is the most common one you’ll be speaking. So from now on, try to practice your sentences this way.

Next after the Action Verbs is the Be” Verb which students often abuse. 

Keep on learning !

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