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The Meaning of “Have It Made”

First of all, sorry for my long absence from this blog Cool Elf. I've been very busy.

But now I'm back in business. The business of posting interesting and helpful mini-lessons about the English language! Hooray!!

Today's topic is the expression, "have it made."

You've probably heard this expression used before. Here are some example sentences to refresh your memory:

Nice house, good job, lovely family – you have it made!

You kids have it made. Your parents do everything for you.

Can you feel the meaning of "have it made" in our situations above? If you still can't, keep on reading.

Have It Made vs. Have P.P.

First, "have it made" is different from Have P.P. or Present Perfect tense. Take a look:

Have It Made

Have P.P.
You have it made. You have made it.
You kids have it made. You kids have made it.
She has it made. She has made it.

The pattern for "have it made" is:

S + have + it + made

While the pattern for Have P.P. is:

S + have + p.p. + (something)

More examples of Have P.P. :

She has made coffee.

They have left.

We have seen it.

Have It Made vs. Causative

"Have it made" looks very similar to the Causatives. But it's better for you if you separate "have it made" from them.

Take a look at the Causative sentences below and compare:

I will have her pick me up at the station. (=Causative)

I got my friend to fix my computer. (=Causative)

I have my car fixed every month. (=Causative)

I had my t-shirt made in Hong Kong. (=Causative)

You have it made. (= Have it made)

Indeed, the structures are very similar so they are confusing. But sentences # 1 and # 2 are easy to separate because they are talking about people:

I will have her pick me up at the station. (=Causative)

I got my friend to fix my computer. (=Causative)

Sentences # 3 and # 4 are talking about things (not people) and their meaning is similar to Passive.

I have my car fixed every month. (=Causative)

I had my t-shirt made in Hong Kong. (=Causative)

That's why it can become like "have it made." If I change the Nouns to the Pronoun "it" ... 

I have it fixed every month. (=Causative)

I had it made in Hong Kong. (=Causative)

If you want to learn more about these Causatives, just click:

Have It Made is an Idiom

Finally, "have it made" is an idiom or a fixed expression. This means you should learn it as a set or group of words and you should memorize it as one Vocabulary unit. 

Its meaning is "someone has everything they need for success or for a happy life."


He is the son of Bill Gates. He has it made.

You've graduated from the top university in your country. It looks like you have it made.

He has it made after winning the lottery.

Also, "have it made" can mean "in a very good situation" or "able to relax and not needing to worry about work and other problems."

You have it made. Your girlfriend is doing all the housework.

If you are transferred to the other branch, you will have it made.

Have = Have Got

Before we end, let me just add that "have it made" is an informal expression used mostly in speaking. For this reason, it is common to hear "have got" instead of "have."

You have it made. = You've got it made.

She has it made. = She's got it made.

They have it made. = They've got it made.

Hope You Learned Something!
Keep on learning !

Thursday, May 8

My E-book is Now Available in the Philippines!

I used to be an exclusive Amazon Kindle author, but now I've expanded to the Philippine audience as well. 

It's not as easy as it sounds. We have to keep in mind that Amazon so far doesn't have a base in this country. Also, although Filipinos are known for being some of the world's most active Netizens and consumers of gadgets, the majority's idea of reading is still mainly linked to bound paper pages (the traditional style) rather than e-books. 

image courtesy of free images 

Naturally, everything is gradually changing. But for the time being, there's my e-book. And hooray!! 

Let me tell you a bit about it... 

SERRATED is a fantasy / romance / supernatural / gothic novel. It tells the story of a death angel (shinigami in Japanese folklore) who falls in love with a mortal girl. 

If you'd like to take a sneak peek at the contents, come visit me on my Amazon page: 

But right now let me introduce to you the main characters of the book: 

Sephtimus = the weird and crazy grim reaper 

Raven-Heart = He's called that not so it's redundant but because he used to be human. 

Wolfram = He's got a German name which means "Wolf Raven" 

Even though I made drawings in the book, it's not a comic book but a novel. :-)

So, what are you waiting for? If you're staying in the Philippines and you don't wanna pay the extra charge to download an e-book via Amazon, there are plenty of other ways for you to purchase it. You can pay via Philippine banks, Seven-Eleven, M'Lhuillier, LBC, SM etc. 

Go and grab your copy. Just head to: 

Afterwards, don't hesitate to send me your opinion either through this blog or by following the links at the end of the book. 

Enjoy reading!! 

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Saturday, March 29

How to Download Free E-books

You can get your free copies of my E-books:

  • Serrated = my first English novel

  • EIGO RESTART! = English study book 100% translated into Japanese

Just follow these 3 very easy steps:

(1) Download the free Kindle app from the Internet. Just type the words “Kindle app” on your Internet browser. 

You can put the Kindle app in almost any device that you use (smartphone, Android phone, Android tablet, iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, Windows 8 tablet, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, etc.) 

(2) Visit and check if the E-books have already become free. 

The free promo will start on March 29, 2014 (around 4 p.m. Manila time and 5 p.m. Tokyo time) and last until April 1.

(3) Download your free E-books. Happy reading!! :-)

Keep on learning !

Free E-booksのダウンロードの仕方


  • EIGO RESTART! = 日本語で書かれた英語学習書

Serrated = 英語で書かれた小説


(1) Kindle app”をインターネットからインストールしてください。Free Kindle appはほぼすべてのデバイスで使えます。(iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android phone, Windows 8 , etc.) 

(2) からダウンロードできます。E-bookの無料配布の期間は3月29日の17:00 4月1日までです。


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Sunday, March 23

My English Novel

Today I’d like to introduce to you my English novel. It’s an e-book titled “School of Shinigami.”

If I had to classify the novel into only one genre, I’d say it’s a love story. But it’s such a weird and supernatural love story that most people would probably argue that it’s a fantasy.

Either way, it’s the story of grim reapers tasked with the cold deportation of illegal, overstaying spirits from the mortal realm. One of them will fall in love with a mortal woman. 

Questions arise: What do the fates hold for such a match? Will it end in grief – or will the Angel of Death get what he wants?

A recently departed man, the main character of the novel, holds his breath for the outcome. Because the way of all things bright and good hangs in the balance.

Interesting premise, right?

If you’d like to read more, stay tuned because I’ll give you a preview of the actual words inside the book. But before that, I want you to meet the characters…



Sephtimus Rex

The weird grim reaper who dares to love a mortal female. He’s weird, even by grim reaper standards.


Aris the Raven

The main character of the story. He was a human who died in a diving accident. He realized he wasn't ready to leave everything behind, including his loving girlfriend. Now he's a reluctant butler and sidekick to the love-stricken Sephtimus. 



The shrewd, detestable, and infamous escort across the River Styx. He could be the first thing you see when you’re dead – Ugh!



The legendary guard dog of the Underworld. He’s actually sort of adorable – that is, if you like your dog the size of a truck.



The super mysterious Weaver of Fates. She’s one of the three Spin Doctors, along with Sephtimus.

Read Your Free Copy!

You can read my novel for free here:

Or if you're already a Wattpad user, just find me: 


And now, for an appetizer of the novel. Here’s the Prologue:

PROLOGUE: The Underworld Wars

They exist among us in secret. Their ancient war has spilled across the borders into our world, and what passed for blood from their undying energies inked the provisions for a skin-deep truce.

They are the two great primal forces; the superpowers of the afterlife. One spawned by light, the other by darkness. One tasked with recycling immortal souls into human bodies, the other with banishing them into a perfect, grim prison.
They come in many forms but all of them discreet, misleading. Some humans see and name them as angels. Others worship them as gods of destiny. All reduce them into familiar myth and superstition to dull the world-shattering implications of their existence. And so the two warring camps find their most consistent and harmless disguise in the shape of immaculate storks and ravenous crows.
Any human word or symbol would be a cliché because they're as natural a part of life as the laws of physics or the nose in the middle of one's face. The only cliché is man's tendency to value one to the exclusion of the other. In truth, the two forces necessitate each other; they're two sides of the same supernatural coin.
Who would believe the truth even if stared us in the face? Many choose to ignore it, content to live in the safety of lies, the delusion of control. Humans find comfort in the belief that we devise our own fate and expend time in our own steady pace, but deep down we know we're merely sojourners from this realm to the next. Behind every wall and through every crevice, other worlds lie well beyond our senses. Exactly parallel to our own dimension yet incredibly exotic, perfect antitheses of each other: Helium, kingdom of the great white storks, and Shinigami-land, territory of the dark reapers.

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Thursday, March 6


image courtesy of stock.xchng




あなたは、TOEIC テストに詳しいのではないかと思います。もしそうなら、そのテストは2つのパートに分かれていることをご存知でしょう。:(1)リスニングと(2)リーディングです。


僕はこれまでに、TOEICテストを2回だけ受けました。2回目の受験で僕は満点を取りました。(TOEIC テストに関する僕のおもしろい経験について興味のある方は、この本の巻末の著者紹介を読んでみてください。)僕はまた、そのテストの時間配分やプレッシャーをシミュレーションすることにより、多くの学習者に教えてきました。だから、あなたが時間を計算しながら、文法問題や読解問題を大急ぎで終わらせようとするのがどんな感じか、僕は知っています。そして僕は、どうすればいいのか全く分からないという生徒と一緒に、実際のテストを受けたこともありますが、その生徒はただ問題用紙のページをあちこちめくるばかりで、そうしているうちに制限時間はあっという間に、否応なく終わってしまいます。


機会があれば、このテクニックについて更に深く取り上げたいと思います。しかし、今はTOEICテストのPart 5、つまり主に文法に関する部分について教えることに集中したいと思います。

適切な速読技術を身に付ける前に、習得すべきもうひとつの重要なスキルは、リーディングの最初にあるPart 5の解答の仕方です。これは、Part 5をスムーズに終わらせることができればできるほど、Part 7に長く時間をかけることができるからです。Part 7はテストの最後の一番長い部分で、メールや広告などの問題文がある(配点も高い)箇所です。

まず初めに、はっきりさせてください。:Part 5を非常に速く解答してPart 7に多くの時間をかけても、それだけでは高得点を取るのに十分とは言えません。先ほども言いましたが、そのためには英文を読む際の悪い癖を正す必要があります。しかし、できるだけ速く正確にPart 5を解答することは、非常に重要な最初のステップです。

考えてみてください。あなたがPart 5の文法問題それぞれに解答するのにどれだけの時間がかかりますか?





この速度でパート5 (文法問題)を解いた時の正解率は99%100%です。


7 秒?そんなことは不可能だと思われますか?










TOEICテストのPart 5に戻ると、僕が文法問題に解答する時はいつでも、正しい答えを選択するよう僕を導いてくれるのは、統語論の感覚です。TOEICテストが僕に選ばせたい独特の答えを僕は知っています。また、TOEICテストが僕を混乱させようとしている独特の答えも僕は知っています。



最終的に解答用紙に答えをマークする前に、僕の頭の中には多くの要素や事柄が押し寄せています。僕が答えに対して100%の確信が持てるまで、二重チェックをして確認する手順が頭の中で起こっているのです。いずれにせよ、僕はほとんどの場合、どの答えも7 秒以内で決めています。









僕は、作家で翻訳家のマキハラクミコさんがニューヨークタイムズ紙の社説欄に投稿された記事を読んだことがあります。「言語が変われば」(“Changing Tongues”)というタイトルでした。その中で彼女は、遂に英語を習得し、自分が理解できたと思えた素晴らしい感覚について、特に同じことが息子にも起きていることを目にした時の素晴らしい感覚について語っていました。
















このような事態にならないように、頑張って勉強してTOEIC で高得点を取りましょう。でもそこで終わってはいけません。それを最終目的にすべきではありません。TOEIC はスキルを測る手段にすぎず、英語をマスターするために努力することの最終目的ではないのです。







英語学習法の本の題名は〝Eigo Restart! 英語再出発〟です。これは100%日本語に翻訳され、英語を学ぶ際に役に立つ多くの技術やコツが載っています。

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