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Chance or Luck?

The word “chance” is interesting. It has many different meanings. Some of the most common ones are possibility, opportunity, and coincidence.

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First of all, “chance” means the possibility that something will happen.

For example,

The chance of rain is less than 20%.

There are some natural expressions with the word “chance” that you can use. Here’s a simple list of them:


Second, “chance” also means an opportunity to do something.

For example,

You will have the chance to win a free ticket to Europe.

There are also some natural expressions to use “chance” with this meaning.

1. give / offer / provide + a chance

2. get / have + a chance

3. jump at / seize / grab + a chance

4. take + the chance

It’s a good idea to remember any combination of words above as a set.

Collocation, the natural combination of words in English, is very important. Even though the combination of some words may be right grammar, if they don’t usually go together, they will still be a bad match.

For more information about Collocation, just click:

Lastly, you probably already heard the popular expression “a chance of a lifetime” or “a chance in a million.”

This means that it is difficult for the chance to happen again.


You must not pass up (skip) this chance. It’s one in a million.


Chance” can also mean fate, or the way some things happen without being planned or expected.

What happened was due to ( = because of) chance.

This is why we have the expression “by chance.”

For example,

I bumped into her by chance in the supermarket.

You can also say:

pure / sheer / blind + chance

Like this:

It was pure chance that we checked in the same hotel as them.

Sheer chance brought her into my life.


Luck, on the other hand, means good things that happen by chance.

For example,

She won more through luck than skill.

This is why we usually make a wish to our friends: “Good luck!” or “Best of luck” before they do something.

Like this:

Good luck in + something

Good luck with + something

Here are some common expressions we use to talk about “luck.”

1. Can’t believe my luck

2. Have better / more luck

3. Have good luck

4. Not have much luck

5. Have no luck / not have any luck 

And to talk about the exact influence (power) that makes good things happen, we can say:

Sheer luck

A piece of luck

A stroke of luck 
( = very good luck)

An element of luck

Dumb luck

Bad Luck

If you want to talk about negative luck, you can say “bad luck.”

For example,

Bad luck seems to follow me everywhere.

I’ve had nothing but bad luck ( = only bad luck) since I moved to my new house.

You can also say:

My luck ran out ( = not lucky anymore)

My luck changed. ( = suddenly became unlucky)

My luck will change. ( = will become lucky)

My luck held / lasted. ( = continue to be lucky)

In Western history, black cats were thought to bring bad luck;
but they’re lucky for the Japanese and the British

But sometimes “luck” can have the same meaning as “chance(coincidence), which can mean either good or bad.

For example,

Nobody can choose their seat. It’s just a matter of luck.

Roulette is a game of luck.

Hope You Learned Something!

Keep on learning !

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