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Expressing Your Opinion

What is an Opinion?

As you might already know, an “opinion” is your idea or belief about a topic or issue.

Opinions are important in your everyday life. Without them, you can’t know the real thoughts and feelings of the people around you. And other people can’t know yours.

It’s very important that you can share your thoughts with others.

Here are some phrases about opinions:

(1) keep your opinions to yourself

(2) ask (for) your opinion

(3) express / give / state your opinion

And here they are again inside sentences:

It’s not good to keep your opinions to yourself. If somebody asks (for) your opinion, you should always be ready to express / give / state your opinion.

What Do You Think?

In English, there are many ways to communicate your opinions to other people.

Here are some expressions you can use:

I think
If you ask me
In my opinion / In my view
To tell (you) the truth
To be honest / To be frank
It seems to me
The way I see it
All things considered
As far as I’m concerned

Let’s talk about them one by one…

1. I think

= This is the most common and general way of giving an opinion


I think it won’t take a long time.

I think you should buy it.

2. In my opinion

= This expression is a bit more formal.

Another similar expression is “In my view.” And a version which is humorous is “In my humble opinion.”

In online chats, “In my opinion” is often shortened as “IMO.”


In my opinion, a partnership with the Italian company will be beneficial.

In my view, it’s a waste of time to send equipment when the location is not ready.

WARNING: Please don’t say “According to his opinion” etc. Just say “According to him” or “In his opinion.”


According to his opinion = X

According to him = Ok

In his opinion = Ok

3. It seems to me / All things considered

= We use these expressions after we have thought about the situation carefully.


It seems to me that there’s no other viable solution at the moment.

All things considered, a copier is the most practical thing to buy. 

4. If you ask me

= This expression is often used when you want to criticize.


If you ask me, Mr. Diaz made a mistake when he hired her.

If you ask me, the event could’ve gone smoother.

5. To tell (you) the truth/ To be honest/ To be frank

= With these expressions, you can share negative opinions that you worry may hurt other people.


To tell (you) the truth, I don’t like your new hairstyle.

To be honest / to be frank, you spend too much on clothes.

6. Personally

= You can use this expression when you want to emphasize that what you say is only your opinion.


Personally, I think you should break up with your boyfriend.

Personally, I think the curtains are too dark.

7. As far as I'm concerned/ The way I see it

= Please use these expressions when you worry that the other person may not accept your opinion.


As far as I’m concerned, Brad Pitt is a better actor than Tom Cruise.

The way I see it, there’s no better way to solve this problem than to sell the house.

Hope You Learned Something!

Keep on learning !

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