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10 Terrible Pick-Up Lines

For our topic today, I have gathered 10 very common pick-up lines from the Net.

Common doesn’t always mean good. And especially with pick-up lines, it’s better not to follow other people.

Aside from mentioning the pick-up line, I’ve also added a short description that clearly shows why it’s bad. I try to explain what’s wrong with the pick-up line.

Most non-native speakers of English can’t feel the situation or the effect of the language. They often misunderstand that a pick-up line is good or romantic even when it is in fact strange.

Real communication depends on many things. Words do not exist in empty space. Aside from the words that come out of our mouths, there is also body language, intonation, setting, mood, etc.

So, before you go out there and use your great pick-up line in English, here are 10 examples that you should be careful with:

1. You look like my next girlfriend.

Why It’s Bad: This pick up line always sounds too aggressive. It is something that a player (playboy) might say. Although it includes the meaning of destiny, soul mates etc., the main impression that the speaker makes is that he already had many short relationships. And he enjoys his player life.

2. If I followed you home, would you keep me?

Why It’s Bad: This pick-up line tries to sound cute, exactly like a puppy with large, shining eyes. If a cute, lost puppy follows a girl around, she would easily pick him up, hug him, and make him her pet.

But when a man says this pick-up line, it sounds creepy. In fact, this is a line that can come from the mouth of a potential stalker. An obsessive person.

Why? Because if you notice in our puppy example, the puppy is already cute and adorable in the first place, and it doesn’t say anything at all.

3. I don’t know your name. Can I just call you “Mine” ?

Why It’s Bad: This pick-up line sounds like something from Casper the Friendly Ghost. But not the cute version; the scary one.

Copyright DreamWorks Classics 

4. You must be tired because you’ve been running through my head all night.

Why It’s Bad: This pick-up line basically means “I’ve been thinking about you a lot.” But like many other pick-up lines, it tries to add something special just to soften the message or to make it more attractive.

But the addition or the extra doesn’t really help. The original, direct message is enough. At least you’re being honest with your feelings.

Consider this though: if you use the pick-up line above, you are telling a girl that you are attracted to her and you have been thinking about her – not just for a few minutes but for the whole night. Are you ready to make that confession?

5. People call me ______ but you can go ahead and call me “Tonight.”

Why It’s Bad: = This pick-up line sounds like the Taylor Swift song. Or some boy band’s.

6. Are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got “FINE” written all over you.

Why It’s Bad: This pick-up line follows the standard format of bad pick-up lines.  It starts with an introduction that leaves the listener curious and asking “Why?” A pick-up line like this often compares the girl to a very different person (karate expert) or a non-living object (parking ticket). And then the so-called romantic punch line follows.

The whole pick-up line can also use word play. For example, the pick-up line above talks about the 2 meanings of the word “fine” :

1. Fine = (Noun) penalty

2. Fine = (Adjective) nice, good

"Fine" is an example of a  Homonym. A Homonym is a word that has exactly the same spelling and pronunciation but different meaning.

Take a look: 


The pick-up line above is bad because it’s so standard: Intro + Punch Line.  Its structure is very similar to that of a joke. And it also works like a joke.

7. If beauty were time, you’d be eternity.

Why It’s Bad: One word: cheesy. If you were writing a poem and you had so many words, phrases, lines, and stanzas to express yourself, on a whole sheet of paper, privately and in the quiet of your room, this line would work like a charm. It would tell the other person that you are sensitive, cultured, and intelligent. Come to think of it, a line like this would be much better in writing.

But if you’re going to say this line alone and directly to a girl, at a bar, you’d only give the impression that you are: (1) someone who reads too many romance novels and isn’t in touch with reality, and (2) someone trying hard to pretend to be a poet.

Context or situation is the most important.

8. Can I buy you a drink or do you just want the money?

Why It’s Bad: This pick-up line is a bomb waiting to explode in your face. Use this if you really want to get hurt.

Although it tries to be cheeky and funny, it’s difficult to ignore the fact that you just called a woman a “hooker.” Although it is realistic that girls could be practical and they respond to confident, privileged men (Who doesn’t?), no man in his right mind would directly accuse a woman that she receives money in exchange for conversation. And no woman will stand the insult. No woman, that is, except for a real hooker.

9. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk past again?

Why It’s Bad: This pick-up line could actually work if it was said with confidence, smoothly, and by someone like Ryan Gosling. It also has the words “love at first sight” in it. But then, if you’re going to say this and you’re all nervous, your body language is all wrong, the girl would probably answer: “Walk past again and keep walking.”

10. Can I have your phone number? I seem to have lost mine.

Why It’s Bad: This pick up line is a rock with a very thin coating of candy. It doesn’t have much creativity and it doesn’t pretend anymore. It is almost perfectly honest and straight to the point: the ultimate dream of most men is to get a woman’s phone number.

Why? Because men who use pick-up lines are always wishing that their one-line magic would work. They are looking for a miracle, all-purpose pick-up line that can make any girl fall in their arms right on the spot.

With the last pick up line and the 9 others, have you ever stopped to think why you really want to get a girl’s phone number? I mean, even if a girl gave you her number, do you really think she would answer your call or text message? Wouldn’t it be easy for her to just yield and give you a fake number because you are troublesome and annoying?

Or, yes, she can give you her real number but completely ignore your calls and texts later.

Why not? After all, you wanted only one thing from her: her phone number. So she will give you what you want. Then she can get rid of you.

Unlike guys, women don’t think relationships can be made out of nothing, out of a few seconds, or out of one pick up line. The minimum amount of time you need for a woman to become interested in you is one good conversation. Interesting, funny, smart, confident, natural, sexy, mysterious, etc.

The shorter time you spend (one pick-up line is very short) the more suspicious and creepy you become in her eyes. And your chance to get close to her becomes smaller and smaller.

Because of this, a pick-up line shouldn’t be the final goal of a guy. Instead, you should remember that a pick-up line is just the entrance or the intro. What you say after the pick up line  and how you say it is a whole lot more important. But if your words are like bad breath that ruins everything, your fighter jet pick-up line will be shot down by the woman even before it takes off.

In fact, listen: a pick up line is just a mask for shy guys. You don’t need it. 

It will be much better if you didn’t use any pick up line and just started a normal conversation. If you do this, you will realize that at the end of the conversation, you actually enjoyed talking to the girl.

And if you enjoyed talking to the girl, she probably enjoyed talking to you too.

Hope You Learned Something! 

Keep on learning !

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