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Toilet Humor

Our topic for today is a bit of comedy. Well, it depends on the reader because some people think that talking about poopoo is both disgusting and funny. On the other hand, others think that it’s just a natural part of life.

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In 1977, a children’s book was written by Japanese author Tarō Gomi. The title of this book was Minna Unchi (みんなうんち).  It was translated in the US as “Everyone Poops” and in the UK as “Everybody Poos.”

The book talks about how all animals in the world need to poop. It’s talking about a sensitive topic (almost like a taboo*) but its main purpose is to teach children about the normal actions of the body. And to teach them how to use the toilet.

*taboo = something that people do not talk about because it is very offensive or shocking

The book doesn’t really have a story, but it’s good for English learners. It can teach opposite words (big poop vs. tiny poop), comparing (different size and shape of poop), and question-making (“What does whale poop look like?”)

In short, it’s very amusing and educational at the same time.

Here is a video of the book so you can practice your reading skills:


The book “Everyone Poops” recently became very popular because a video was made about it. This video features actor Morgan Freeman reading the book.

Here is the video with Morgan Freeman’s voice. Now, you can practice your listening skills.

Morgan Freeman Has the Voice of God

For Americans and many people around the world, actor Morgan Freeman has the perfect voice. Proof of this is how he is usually chosen for narration in movies etc. For example, in 2005 alone, he provided narration for 2 movies, “War of the Worlds” and “March of the Penguins.” He also played the role of God in the movie “Bruce Almighty” and its sequel, which is why some people say his voice is “The Voice of God.”

So if you want to sound good in English, maybe you should copy Morgan Freeman’s voice.

The video with his voice became viral* because the book “Everyone Poops” repeats the word “poop” many times and combined with Morgan Freeman’s amazing voice.

*viral = very popular on the Internet

Believe It Or Not

Believe it or not, the video above didn’t really feature Morgan Freeman. Rather, it was made by impressionist* Joseph Scales.

*impressionist = an entertainer who makes people laugh by copying the way that famous people talk or behave

Last year, Joseph Scales caught the attention of CNN, Huffington Post, ESPN and Reddit because of his unique talent. He became a professional voice actor soon after. To thank his many supporters, he made the video “Everyone Poops as Read by Morgan Freeman” last month.

Here is the original video that he made:

Hope You Learned Something!

Keep on learning !

P.S. If you want to listen to another video of (the real) Morgan Freeman’s perfect voice, just click this link:

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