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Funny Situations in English

Nowadays I’m reminded of funny stories in my life as a teacher. These stories are usually connected to English study, but sometimes they are just situations that happen when I spend time with my foreign students.

I have here 5 stories. All of them are from real experiences. I hope you enjoy them.

1. Do You Have the Key?

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My students and I came home from the coffee shop one afternoon. The front door was locked and my female Korean student, who was Beginner-level, wanted to open it.

She couldn’t speak in complete sentences, only words.

First she called me by my nickname. She said: “Mon… Mon…. ” and then she said: “Key…!!!!

I told her with a serious face: “Don’t call me monkey.


2. Is It Delicious?

In the dormitory of the Korean school, the cook served a Korean dish. I can’t remember what the name of the dish was.

I was sitting beside a female student, and she was very proud of her country’s cuisine*.

*cuisine = a style of cooking

She wanted to know if I liked the taste.

So she asked me:

Mon, are you delicious?

Of course I was surprised by her question. But after thinking a while, I answered:

Maybe a little salty.


3. Let’s Go Mountain Hiking!

The Hiking Team 

My Japanese students and I went mountain hiking one day. We carried our backpacks and started the tough hike.

One student, Tetsu, and I stayed at the back of the group. We were humming the theme song of the movie “Indiana Jones” because we imagined that we were in a big adventure.

After just 30 minutes, we started to feel tired. We didn’t notice it but our “Indiana Jones” humming became quieter and quieter as we felt more and more tired. Funnily enough, it didn’t enter our minds to just stop humming.

Because we were tired and slow, we got a bit left behind.  Ahead of us, there was one student whose nickname was Negi (Welsh Onion). He didn’t realize it but his backpack was open. His stuff started falling one by one on the dirt trail.

Negi actually thought that he was getting stronger and stronger with each step he took. He thought he was getting used to the rhythm of hiking or something because his bag felt lighter and lighter.

Finally, Tetsu and I saw all the fallen stuff behind Negi. We laughed so hard because he left a very clear trail of things on the mountain slope. Like the bread crumbs of Hansel and Gretel in the fairytale. The things were lying on the ground from our spot straight to Negi’s backpack, which was hanging open. 

We knew we should help him when he was picking his stuff up, but Tetsu and I couldn’t stop laughing.

4. How to Pick Up a Girl

One night, my Japanese roommate and I were peacefully watching a film on DVD in our room. Another Japanese student came inside and said:

Hey, the cute new student is in the lobby checking her class schedule. This is my chance to have a conversation with her. Wish me luck!

My roommate and I wished him luck and continued watching the film. After about half an hour, our friend came back into the room. To our surprise, he was wearing completely different clothes!

We asked him what happened. This is the story he told us:

He went out of our room to talk to the new student. But when he arrived at the lobby, she wasn’t there anymore. He decided to just get a cup of water.

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Our water cooler at that time had a problem and it was leaking. So there was a pool of water on the floor surrounding it. Worse, the lights had been turned off so it was very dim in the dining room and nobody could see anything there.

As you might have guessed, our Japanese friend slipped as he was getting water. According to him, it was lucky that nobody saw the scene because he looked really funny. His feet were sliding on the pool of water but his body tried so hard not to fall. For a while, his body tried to regain balance. He moved rapidly and energetically in those few seconds. In fact, he was like a circus performer.


He said that he even juggled the plastic cup he was carrying during the high-speed performance.  And if somebody threw a few balls to him, he would have managed to catch those as well.

But finally he fell on his ass on the pool of water. His pants and shirt were completely wet. He wasn't hurt but he was really embarrassed.

This is why he had to put on a fresh change of clothes before he came back to our room.

My roommate and I were shaking our heads at his story. We were laughing but we also felt sorry for his bad luck with girls.

5. Yes, I’m Okay

In our school, guys liked to tease each other by saying “That’s gay” or “You’re gay.”

One day, my Japanese friend had a small accident while going down the stairs. I asked him:

Are you Ok?

To my surprise, he answered:

No, I’m not gay!


Hope You Learned Something!
Keep on learning !

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