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25 Most Common Insults

WARNING: If you are a sensitive person, or someone who is easily offended, I advise that you skip reading this topic which is about slang and bad language.

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Insults* aren’t a joke. They’re very serious.

*insult = an impolite expression that is intended to hurt other people

These words can hurt the feeling of a person deeper than you expect. They can also have a long-term effect in your relationships.

You had better control your use of insults. You can damage your relationship with someone if you aren’t careful.

To see an example of how insults affect people, just read:

Every language and culture in the world has their own set of insults and impolite language. People express them when they are angry.

Insults are a natural and unavoidable part of each language in the world, including your native language and English.

Even if you have no exact need to use insults in your everyday life, it would benefit you to know them. You can often hear them in movies and TV series (hopefully not in real life).

Here are 25 of the most common insults in the English language. Because they are slang, it is easy and common for some to disappear and to be replaced by new ones.

1. Asshole / Arsehole (UK) = slang for the anus; a stupid or annoying person

2. Bastard = someone whose parents are not married (old-fashioned usage); someone or something who is unpleasant, difficult, and annoying

3. Bitch

A. a woman who is rude, cruel, and unpleasant

B. a woman who acts like she has sex with many partners

C. in a relationship, a man who is weak

4. Cocksucker = “cock” is the impolite word for a man’s penis; a “cocksucker” is a mean person that you dislike

5. Cunt = a woman’s sex organs; someone who is unpleasant and annoying

6. Dick = a man’s penis; a man who is unpleasant and stupid 

7. Dipshit = “shit” means solid waste from a person’s body; a “dipshit” is a stupid or annoying person

8. Dipstick = a stupid or annoying person

9. Dumbass = the “ass” is the part of the body that you sit on; a “dumbass” means a stupid person

10. Fatass = a fat person

11. Fuckface = a stupid or annoying person

12. Fucknut = a person who is strange or irrational (a shortening of Fucking + Nutcase)

13. Fucktard = a person who is stupid or socially inept (a shortening of Fucking + Retard)

14. Jackoff / Jerkoff = a person who masturbates

15. Jerk = someone who does stupid, annoying, or unkind things

16. Motherfucker = a person or thing that is unpleasant and annoying

17. Perv / Pervert = someone whose sexual behavior is not normal

18. Prick = a man’s penis; a man who is stupid, rude, or unpleasant

19. Pussy = a woman’s sex organ; a man who is not strong, brave, or determined

20. Scum / Scumbag = a dirty layer on the surface of a liquid; someone who is very unpleasant  

21. Shithead = a person who is foolish or useless

22. Tool = a person cheated and used by another person

23. Turd = a solid piece of waste from a person’s body; an unpleasant person

24. Twat = a woman’s sex organ; someone who annoys you or makes you angry  

25. Wanker (UK) = a person who masturbates; a stupid or unpleasant person  

Again, be extra careful with insults. Keep in mind that when you use them, it's like playing with fire. 

Hope You Learned Something!

Keep on learning !

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