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10 Tattoo Misspellings

About Spelling

Because students have limited time to learn English, many of them consider their speaking ability more important. They choose it over other areas such as writing and vocabulary.

However, in this age of constant communication via Facebook status posts and Twitter tweets, our writing skills are placed in the center of the stage for everyone to see. When you make even a small mistake, all your friends can see it. Worse, the mistake is almost permanent in the online world. Unlike when you make a mistake in speaking, a mistake in writing and spelling can stay for a long time.

Of course you can think that mistakes in spelling and writing are normal. Everybody makes them. And those who criticize your mistakes are just “Grammar Nazis” or “Spelling Nazis(people who are too strict). But if this usually happens to you, you’d better think about it because nowadays, what you write mirrors or shows who you are. In other words, something that you post will help give other people an image of you.

For example, I heard that this year some companies and managers have started to find and study future employees online. That’s why on Facebook and other social networks, your image is important.

If spelling is your weak point and you’d like to read more about it, just click:

About Tattoos

Of course there are some countries like Korea and Japan where having a tattoo is generally still a taboo*.

*taboo = something that people do not do because it is offensive or shocking

This means that in these cultures, tattoos are limited to some groups only – especially gangs – and there is negative opinion about the people who have them.

But other cultures have the practice of tattooing as a deep part of their customs and traditions. You can find a rich history of tattoos in New Zealand, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Philippines, etc.

Tribal tattoos in the Philippines circa 1595

Today, more and more people have become open-minded about it. And tattooing has been raised to a form of art.  Sure, there are still tattoos only for the bad guys and the gangsters, but usually those designs are more simple and less artistic (except maybe the Yakuza’s). Tattoos are now accepted among more social groups, including the rich and fashionable.

Should I Get a Tattoo?

But getting a tattoo is still a big decision to make. There are several reasons, and here are a few of the biggest ones:

First, a tattoo is permanent. Longer than Facebook posts or Twitter tweets, having a tattoo is forever. Although there is laser technology now that can remove your tattoo if you don’t like it, it’s better if you think very carefully and for a long time before you go and sit in the tattoo shop.

Yes, mistakes are for learning. But when it comes to tattoos, it’s for your whole life. You don’t want to do something that you might regret all your life.  

Second, it’s painful. If it’s your first time, getting a tattoo involves pain. Some people say that you feel better on your second or third time. In fact, you might even feel addicted* and you will want to get more tattoos.

*addicted = liking something so much 
that you do not want to stop doing it

I was about 20 years old when I got my one and only tattoo. I remember I could feel the needle drilling straight through the skin and meat and until the bone. Some people are perfectly fine when they get a tattoo, but it isn’t for everybody. So if you don’t care if a tattoo is forever, you should think about the discomfort when you get it.

This is my Che Guevara tattoo

Last and most importantly, a tattoo affects your image. People will judge you by your tattoo because it’s a way you choose to express yourself. You can’t stop this from happening. And if you are sensitive about people thinking something about you that may or may not be true, you’d better think twice before you get a tattoo, or think very carefully about its design and message.

Because a tattoo is forever, people will judge you (until and especially) when you get old. That’s another thing to consider.

This is why it’s a good idea to imagine the tattoo that you want before you get it. It’s better if you can practice with getting a henna first, so you’ll know how the tattoo will look and you can feel what it’s like to have it before you decide.

People who worry about going to job interviews with a tattoo also choose places on their body where it can be easily covered.

Well, that’s all I have to say about tattoos. Now let’s talk about…

Tattoos and Bad Spelling

Below are 10 sets of pictures showing wrong spelling in tattoos. I gathered all of them from various sites on the Internet. None of them are originally mine.

There are many memes, jokes, and images like these on the Net. But aside from the photos, I also put a short explanation to teach you why something is wrong and how it should have been. 

Let's start...

1. Pure Misspelling of Some Words 

Some words are just hard for some people to write. For example,  



2. Tomorrow 

"Tomorrow" is a very common word but some people have trouble with its spelling. Please remember that it has one letter m and two r's. Students usually mix these up. 

Aside from the two letters, here are other mistakes with "tomorrow" : 

3. Believe 

"Believe" is a popular word among people who get tattoos, because of its positive meaning. But you should be careful when you spell it. Especially, don't forget to insert the letter "e," so the word has 2 e's. 

4. Judge

"Judge" is another popular English word in tattoos. Because the common message of tattoos is freedom from the eyes of society. But if you make a mistake with its spelling, you will have the opposite result: Other people will judge you. 

5. Your vs. You're

This is one of our old topics and one of the most common mistakes on the Net (not only in tattoos)

If you're also confused about the difference between "your" and "you're," just read: 

6. Possessive vs. Plural 

Possessives talk about ownership. For example, Robert's bag, My mother's car, his phone, their house, etc. 

As you can see, you sometimes need a symbol (the apostrophe ' ) when you use Possessives

On the other hand, Plurals are just the simple and basic Nouns. They have the meaning of many. For example, bags, buildings, parties, machines etc. They don't need any apostrophe ( ' )

In our tattoo examples below, Possessive and Plural are switched. Please don't mix these two up. 

The Possessive word "fly's" is also wrong. But you shouldn't change it to Plural. Just change it to a Singular Verb like this: 

She fly's = X

She flies... = Ok

7. Double Negatives 

Double Negatives aren't 100% wrong. But they're very informal (slang) so you had better be careful when and how you use them. For example, 

In the example above, you don't need two words (never and don't) because they have the same meaning. You should use only one: 

Never don't give up = X

Never give up = Ok

Don't give up = Ok

If you want to add emphasis, you can also say: "Don't ever give up.

For a detailed explanation and more examples about Double Negatives, just click: 

8. Than vs. Then 

Be careful about the vowels (a or e) because these two words are very different. "Than" is used to compare two things. For example, stronger than, bigger than, etc.  

On the other hand, "then" is used to talk about a sequence of events. For example,   

He got dressed, and then he ate breakfast. 

9. To vs. Too

"To" is used in the Infinitive form (ex. to study, to go, to join) or as a Preposition (ex. to school, to the US, to the mall).  

On the other hand, "too" is used to talk about excess amount or "over." For example, too expensive, too difficult, too far, too late, etc. 

10. Acting "Cool" 

Our last set of examples is about guys who get tattoos because they want to look "cool." But this is sometimes not a very good reason to decide to get a tattoo. 

Awsome = X

Awesome = Ok

Ledgends = X

Legends = Ok

But don't worry. Even though there are people who make big mistakes in their spelling, there are many others who plan, succeed, and feel satisfied with their tattoos. Like this couple, the grammar, spelling, and clever message of their couple tattoos are perfect: 

You just need to spend time thinking about it before you do it. (And also choose a smart tattoo artist.) 

Hope You Learned Something!

Keep on learning !

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