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Mr. and Ms. Right

First, a little history.

In English, the word “Mister” is sometimes used in combination with a Noun or Adjective. This happens when we express the idea that a man is typical of a quality or activity.

For example,

Mr. Fix-It (someone good at fixing things) = used since 1912

Mr. Big (someone very important) = used since 1940

And, if you check your dictionary, you’ll find expressions like these:

Mr. Right

Ms. Right

(In British English, there are no periods after the abbreviation, just “Mr Right” and “Ms Right”)

Dictionaries define Mr. / Ms. Right as:

A person who would be a perfect partner in a relationship

How about you? Do you know who your Mr. or Ms. Right is? Have you found each other?

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Mr. Right vs. Mr. Wrong

It becomes easy to know who Mr. Right is by putting him side by side with another person, Mr. Wrong.

In particular, people who have been in a relationship are quick to remember the bad qualities and characteristics that they don’t like in a partner. So, when they are not satisfied with a relationship, they think:

I should break up with this guy (or girl)
Because he (or she) is wrong for me.
I have to find the Right One.

Well, after you’ve analyzed all the differences between you and your partner and you realize that they can’t be fixed, then by all means send the other person packing. If you’re really not satisfied with your current relationship and all the signs are telling you that it’s time to leave, then just go.

Mr. Right vs. Mr. Right Now

The problem is, if you’re looking for a very special kind of person (Mr. Right), the search tends to become more difficult and, often, longer. Some people who believe in Mr. / Ms. Right wait a very long time to meet the person.  

This is why we have another expression: Mr. Right Now.

Mr. Right is “perfect” while Mr. Right Now is “good enough.”

Mr. Right is “long term or for marriage” while Mr. Right Now is “just at the moment.”

This might sound bad if you think that somebody (especially a woman) is classifying people according to these 2 kinds.

Of course it can be really bad, especially if a “player(slang: a playgirl or a playboy) collects partners the way that she collects shoes.

But in reality, choosing the person that you will spend the rest of your life with is a very big deal. So, it’s a decision that everyone must consider seriously and carefully.  

In any case, being or dating “Mr. Right Now” isn’t really that bad. I’ll talk about this more later.

Mr. Right vs. Soul mate

In fact, the word "soul mate" is often mixed up with “Mr. / Ms. Right.” Some people even say they mean the same thing.

Strange enough, people tend to use the word “soul mate” easily as if they know exactly what it means. But many people are actually confused about it.

Anyway, a soul mate is commonly believed as:

someone you have a very close relationship with because
 you share or understand the same emotions and interests

Many people also think that they will feel “complete” when they have found their soul mate, because it is the unavoidable destiny of two souls to unite with each other.

Are soul mates real?

Like what we mentioned earlier, people who are looking for “Mr. / Ms. Right” or who believe in a “soul mate” tend to search longer because they have certain sets of qualities and characteristics.

Some people also believe that there is only one person in the world who is right for them and they have to find or wait for that person.  

This is good especially because you can avoid many Mr. / Ms. Wrongs in your life, who will just waste your time, efforts, and feelings. But you should also be careful because you might start to have the “Soul Mate Mind.”

What is the Soul Mate Mind?

The “Soul Mate Mind” is a way of thinking that makes you wait long and look hard for the “right one.” Because of this, you run the risk of ending up alone wondering about all the chances that you’ve missed.

Or when you do meet someone, you could fall for that person suddenly and completely because of “amazing similarities” or “just a feeling.”

You might even think a person that you just met is “perfect.”

But think about it,

Mr. Right Now may actually be Mr. Right, if you give the person a real chance and if you give the relationship enough time to grow.

Heck, even Mr. Wrong can sometimes become Mr. Right.

It all depends on how both partners handle things and are willing to change or compromise for the other. How you can make things work out and make the relationship last.

On the other hand, your soul mate could be an alien on another planet, and he / she can’t ever meet you because they don’t have the technology to fly to Earth (yet). So you’ll be waiting and looking for your soul mate forever but you’ll never find such a person (alien).

Or your soul mate could be a person who looks and seems really perfect at first but is, in fact, a really dangerous psycho.


In conclusion, here are the words of a writer, Dave Meurer, about finding the right person:

A great marriage is not when the “perfect couple” come together.

It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.

Hope You Learned Something! 

Keep on learning !

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