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Are You Sporty?

There’s one very common formula in English that many learners don’t know about. Because of this, they make mistakes like:

I will go to swim. = X

I want to jogging. = X

Let’s go to camping. = X

The formula that I’m talking about is “Go V+ing,” which is used to talk about many physical activities.

So all our sentences above should be changed to:  

I will go swimming. = Ok

I want to go jogging. = Ok

Let’s go camping. = Ok

You might have noticed it in our examples, most of the expressions that follow our formula “Go V+ing” are talking about sports

This is the reason why the title of our lesson today is “Are You Sporty?

Sporty” is an Adjective, and a “sporty person” is a person who likes sports a lot and who plays sports regularly.

So, are you sporty? :-)

Well, even if you don’t like sports and you’re too lazy to have any physical exercise whatsoever, you can still wear “sporty clothes” because they’re very trendy.

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Here are more examples of Go V+ing:

go (sky) diving

go horseback riding

go bowling

go (scuba) diving

go (ice) skating

go sailing

go bungee-jumping

go rollerblading

go golfing

go running

go rafting

go fishing

go hiking

go skateboarding

go snowboarding

go mountain-climbing 

go (wind) surfing

go skiing

You can avoid many mistakes if you practice using the formula Go V+ing when you talk about sports or sport activities. 

I have to warn you though, not all sports follow this formula. Take a look:

Go basketballing = X

Go soccering = X

In cases like these, it is correct to just use the common, original Verbplay.”


Play basketball = Ok

Play soccer = Ok

Play billiards = Ok

Play baseball = Ok

But even with exceptions like these, Go V+ing is still very practical to know and remember.

Aside from sport activities, Go V+ing is also used for sport-like activities. This means activities that are not really sports, but are a little similar or connected to sports. Perhaps it’s because they give you fun or they're a type of recreation*.

*recreation = amusement / leisure / relaxation

For example,

Go dancing = Ok

Go sightseeing = Ok

Go shopping = Ok

Go drinking = Ok

*Note: I think some women will agree if I say that going shopping is in fact a form of sports, because it makes the arms and legs stronger :-D

And I know some guys who will say that drinking is a kind of “extreme” sports :-D

Finally, I have to warn you that Go V+ing is different from Go for + Noun and Go + Base Verb.


Go for a swim

Go for a drive

Go for a drink

Go for a smoke

Go buy

Go eat

Go talk

Go smoke

If you’d like to learn about these expressions, just click this link:

Also, Go V+ing is different from Go on + Noun.


Go on a trip

Go on (a) vacation / holiday

Go on a tour

Go on a voyage / cruise

Go on a picnic

Go on a diet

Go on date

Go on strike

If you would like to study these expressions, just click this link:

Hope You Learned Something! 

Keep on learning !

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