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What's Your Personality?

Last year, I wrote a post here on Cool Elf about people and relationships.

I talked about how some couples are compatible and some are not. Compatibility means the partners are a good match for each other.

If you’d like a review of that topic or if you still haven’t studied it, you can read it here:

Today we’re going to learn about people and different types of character. We’re going to study Adjectives that describe one’s personality.

As you can imagine, it will be very practical to know Adjectives that can describe the character of our friends or even strangers.

To make the lesson more interesting, we’ll do it together with 2 other topics: (1) blood types and (2) Zodiac signs.

What’s Your Blood Type, Baby?

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Asians, most especially Japanese and Koreans, are interested in people’s blood types. Some of them believe that the type of blood you have – A, B, AB, or O – can affect the kind of person you will be. Of course for other people this is just plain superstition*.

*superstition = an idea believed by a group of people despite lack of proof

Finally, for a lot of Asians, “blood groups” are just an object of interest and a source of fun.

Take a look. According to the blood groups, these are our personalities:

Blood Type

Adjectives to
Describe Personality

cooperative (a team player)


weird/ strange


If you’re not familiar with one or two of the Vocabulary items above, I suggest that you check their meanings in your dictionary. Again, these words are useful to learn and remember because they can help you describe other people’s character – or even your own.

Of course just because our table indicates the personality, that doesn’t mean it will be 100% right in reality.

What’s Your Sign, Baby?

On the other hand, for Western people, the idea of Zodiac signs is more popular.

The Zodiac is an imaginary part of the sky that has 12 groups of stars. Some people believe that the position of these stars when a person is born will affect his or her character.

The 12 groups are called the “Zodiac signs.”

So if somebody ever asks you this question: “What’s your sign?”, that person is talking about your Zodiac sign.

If you still don’t know what your Zodiac sign is, just look at our chart below:

Now here are the names of the 12 Zodiac signs with their corresponding birth dates. Find where your birthday is and you will know your Zodiac sign.


(The Crab)
June 21 – July 22

(The Ram)
March 21 – April 19

(The Scales)
September 23 –
October 22

(The Lion)
July 23 – August 22

(The Twins)
May 21 – June 20

(The Goat)
December 22 –
January 19

(The Scorpion)
October 23 –
November 21

(The Archer)
November 22 –
December 21

(The Fish)
February 19 – March 20


(The Maiden)
August 23 –
September 22

(The Water-Bearer)
January 20 –
February 18

(The Bull)
April 20 – May 20

If you want to know what your sign looks like, the position of the images in our picture chart exactly matches the position of the names in our table.

P.S. There has been a recent change proposed to the list of Zodiac signs, actually. A 13th sign was added to the original 12. This became a trending topic in 2011.

The issue is still up for debate. Some people are accepting the change while others are denying it. In any case, to keep things simple in this lesson, we shall follow the old list.

After you’ve checked your sign in the table above, once again you will learn the Adjectives that describe the different personalities for each sign.

In other words, what kind of people is born under each sign?

Zodiac Sign

Adjectives to
Describe Personality


tenacious, calm, sensitive, 
clinging (sometimes)


assertive, impulsive, aggressive, humanitarian


operative, fair, indecisive (sometimes)


arrogant, dominating, generous


imaginative, sensitive, 
impractical (sometimes)


intelligent, ambitious, can’t trust
anyone easily, introvert, straightforward


intelligent, cunning, sensitive


intelligent, straightforward, 
careless (sometimes)


passionate, kind, unconventional,
emotional, obsessive (sometimes)


practical, efficient, over-critical (sometimes)


logical, hardworking, cold, detached 


resourceful, thorough, indulgent (sometimes) 

Just like what you did with the blood types in the first part, if there’s any Vocabulary that you’re not familiar with here, find its meaning in your dictionary. From today, you should start practicing all the Adjectives in our 2 tables by thinking about your friends and trying to describe their personalities.


So, what do you think? Do the Adjectives for your blood type or Zodiac sign match your real character?

If so, good for you. Try using the list for your friends and you will realize that sometimes it’s right and sometimes it’s wrong.

If the Adjectives don’t match your real personality, don’t worry about it. Like I said earlier, most people enjoy the topic of blood types and Zodiac signs. Just have fun with them. 

You shouldn’t take these things too seriously. Don’t take the groupings to the extreme and believe that they will affect your life.

Sure there are those people who believe that blood type or Zodiac sign will determine personality and compatibility. According to them, blood type and Zodiac sign will affect our relationships or the partners that we should choose, plus other things in life.

These people also believe that they can find their future partner if they hang out with people from the same or the right group.

Personally, I believe that our destinies or lives depend on the choices and decisions that we make in life -- not on fate, the stars, or any other similar belief.

My own sign is Sagittarius or The Archer

How about you? What's your Zodiac sign? 

Keep on learning !

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