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Care Words

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Today we’re going to talk about expressions related to the word “Care.” So you can use them when you want to talk about your family, sweetheart, friends etc.

Our expressions are:

  • Care about

  • Care for

  • Take care of

Care About 

First of all, “care about” and “care for” are different. “Care about” means to think that somebody or something is important.

For example,

I care about the private lives of celebrities.

* “lives” is the plural of “life”

I care about the conflict in the Middle East.

I care about my health.

In our examples, you can see that “care about” has the meaning of to be concerned about or be interested in.

Here’s another example:

A: Why are you lending me your umbrella?

B: That’s because I care about you.

The dialogue above might mean that Person B worries about Person A or that Person B feels that Person A is important.

This is also the reason why you can often here the expression: “I don’t care,” which means the person isn’t concerned or interested.


I don’t care about the scandals of the rich and famous.

Mother Theresa didn’t care about money and material things.

He doesn’t care about the Olympics.

*Note: If you want to use the Wh+ Pronouns, you don’t need to include the Prepositionabout” anymore. 

For example,

I don’t care about what other people say or think of me.

I don’t care about who you are.

She doesn’t care about what I did.

She doesn’t care about where I’m from.

(Also) They don’t care about if I quit.


Care For 

Care for” has at least 3 meanings:

(1) Care for + someone 

=> to love someone in a way that is based on something deeper than a physical relationship


I care for you.

She really cared for him.

(2) Care for + something 

=> to like something. But please remember that this is usually used in questions and negative sentences.


I don’t care for flowers.

They don’t much care for classical music.

Would you care for some coffee? (formal)

(3) Care for + someone 

=> this has the same meaning as the next expression, “take care of.”

This is used to talk about people who are not able to look after themselves.


She cares for her mother.

Nurses care for their patients.

You don’t care for your pets.

Take care of

Because this next expression is the same as the 3rd meaning of “Care for,” we have the same examples:


She takes care of her mother.

Nurses take care of their patients.

You don’t take care of your pets.

*Note: The Phrasal Verblook after” also has the same meaning as “take care of” and “care for” (# 3), so:

She looks after her mother.

Nurses look after their patients.

You don’t look after your pets.

Other Expressions

  • Who cares? (in speaking)

You can use this if you want to say that something doesn't worry or upset you because it's not important:

A: Hey, I just saw your ex kissing another guy.

B: Who cares?

  • Could/ Couldn’t care less

This means you aren’t interested in or concerned about something at all. Use this when you're angry or upset:

I could care less (US) what happens to her. / I couldn’t care less (UK / US) what happens to her.

I could care less (US) where you go. / I really couldn’t care less (UK / US) where you go.

*Note: Some people believe that “could care less” (no "not") is ungrammatical and illogical.

  • See if I care! (in speaking)

Similar to “Could care less.” This is used to say that you don't care about what someone will do:

A: I’m leaving.

B: Go ahead, then – see if I care!

Hope you learned something!

Keep on learning !

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