Tuesday, October 9

I'm Proud of My Student!

My student and I have been studying TOEIC for just one month and a few weeks. Our very first class was on August 22.

Then, he took the TOEIC test on September 22 (exactly a month later).

And the results were… ta-du-du-dum

925 points!!


Actually, it was only the second time for my student to take the TOEIC.

His first time was 9 months ago, in January. That was the first time he has ever taken the TOEIC test. I guess he wasn’t very familiar with the test yet at that time.

His first score was:


From 595 points to 925 points, in just one month of study!!!

He improved by a total of 330 points!

He could barely believe it...  

We were aiming to get only about 700 points at first. But during our mock tests every day, we were able to estimate his average score at about 825.

So, we expected his score to be more or less 800

You can imagine both our surprise. ;-)

I’m guessing that the mock tests that we had been practicing with were actually harder than the actual test, that’s why. Also, I really know and respect my student’s dedication and discipline to study. He takes the mock tests every night like I tell him to, and every morning we spend 2 hours every day to learn TOEIC.

He's a good student and I know he deserves that score.

Well, actually, he still kinda doubts that the score is real! ;-D So he’s gonna take the TOEIC test again this month.

Anyway, the main reason I posted this story is to encourage and inspire all the other English learners out there who also want to get a high score on the TOEIC. The main lesson of this story is:

If you believe in it and if you make every effort, you can do it.

P.S. If you would like to read my student’s own story in Japanese, kindly click the link below:

GOOD LUCK to everyone!

Keep on learning !

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