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Do You Dare?

There is one word in the English language: “daredevil,” which means a person who likes to do dangerous things for enjoyment and doesn’t care about the risks.

For example, if you use it as an Adjective, you can say:

a daredevil pilot

daredevil car-racing

This word is often used to talk about extreme or dangerous sports, such as hang gliding and bungee jumping. People call such sports “daredevil sports” and the person who likes to do them as a hobby is sometimes called a “daredevil.” (Noun)

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In America, a person like this can also be called an “adrenaline junkie.”

Are you a daredevil?


The word “daredevil” was first used in the late 1700s. It was a combination of the two words:

dare + devil

It means someone who dares the devil.

What is the Meaning of “Dare”?



To be brave enough or to have enough courage to do something

Ex. I dared him to ride the roller coaster. 

Taste it if you dare. (it = exotic dish)

I didn’t dare talk to her. (= my crush)

How to Use:

The word “dare” can be used in 3 ways:

(1) as a Verb, (2) as a Modal Verb, and (3) as a combination of both.

  •    As a Verb, it is followed by the Infinitive.

dare + somebody + to verb

If you use it in third person singular, you need to add “s.” If you use it in Question or Negative form,  you need to add “do.”  


Question: Does he dare to approach her?

Positive: He never dares to say something bad about the company. 

Negative: He doesn’t dare to touch her stuff.

  •    As a Modal Verb, it is used especially in Questions and Negative sentences. And it is followed by the base verb (without “to”).

dare + somebody + base verb

If you use it in third person singular, you shouldn’t add “s.” If you use it in Question or Negative form,  you shouldn’t add “do.”  


Question: Dare she ask him? / Dare we tell the boss?

Negative: I dare not ride that bike. He dare not speak.

*Note: The difference between “doesn’t dare” and “dare not” isn’t very clear except in some fixed expressions.

We didn’t dare make noise. = We dared not make noise.

In American English though, the Modal form is used in formal speech and writing.

  •    Lastly, “dare” is also used as a mixed VerbModal Verb,

Ex. He didn’t dare go there.

In Speaking

  • How dare you = shows that you are very angry and shocked about somebody’s action or words

Ex. How dare you say that!

How dare you bring that woman here!

  • Don’t you dare = forcefully tells someone not to do something because it makes/ will make you angry

Ex. Don’t you dare enter this house again!

Don’t you dare touch me!

  • Dare I say = (formal) used when saying something that you think people may not like

Ex. That movie is, dare I say, boring.

  • I dare say = (British + somewhat formal / old-fashioned) used when you are stating your opinion about something 

Ex. I dare say this is the best solution.

Do you dare to use the word “dare”?

Keep on learning !

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