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1 English, 1 World


One Sunday night -- September 4 last year to be exact -- my friend and I made a group in Facebook called “1 English, 1 World.

The description of the group is:

… a place where people of any nationality can practice their English.

We can share ideas, ask and answer one another’s questions, discuss topics and study English every once in a while.

Members of this group believe that English can B.B.B.B.

(= Break Barriers and Build Bridges)

among all the countries of the world.

Today the group has over 700 members.

In the group, we post and share:

# 1. funny pictures (now we have over 1, 000 images!)

# 2. cute pictures of pets

# 3. the music videos of our favorite bands (any genre, '80s or rock :-P)

# 4. all kinds of greetings, ex. "Have a nice day," "Thank god it’s Friday" etc.

# 5. some online birthday parties :-D

# 6.  English lessons

# 7.  jokes in English

… and just about any and every stuff that’s interesting!

Every member is allowed to post whatever they feel like posting and say whatever they want to say. There’s only one very practical rule: we have to try and express ourselves in English.

In fact, one member has come to call our group “a Facebook inside Facebook.” And another member has given this very inspiring compliment:

Oh, guys how I appreciate you all, even though I can't come over here very often.

I was just passing, well, actually browsing through a group's comments to which I also belong (here on Facebook) and I was very disappointed to notice that not many people actually care enough to communicate or even relate to others in a language different from their native tongue.

I live in Mexico and I know a lot of people who should know a lot of English either because they're studying the language or because they use this language as their working everyday skill... and well, they and many other people around Facebook, or Mexico, don't really care enough to look up words they don't know in a dictionary... that really brings me down sometimes.

BUT this meeting point here, where we all try hard to make ourselves understood and even make someone smile, I mean, if we are not the best speakers and writers, we're trying and eventually will, don't you think?

I also came by to thank Mon for getting us all together here :) This is a fun place to be at: learning, interacting, having fun. Long live 1 English, 1 World!!


(Thanks again for these kind words, Esteban!)

In Facebook where many groups of different shapes and sizes get born and die all the time, I guess the lasting strength of “1 English, 1 World” is in the way that it provides a venue for and encourages members to participate.

As you might know, the first step in learning a language is to overcome our shyness and to not worry so much about making a mistake. Well, in “1 English, 1 World,” we learn English in a positive, active and very practical way. Best of all, we have a lot of fun doing it coz we sort of tease each other most of the time! :-D

Also, like that of every other group, the strength of “1 English, 1 World” lies in its members. Of course people are busy and we can’t all be logged in at the same time all the time. But some of our most regular members always make an effort to drop by the group any time of the day (in their local time zone) whenever they are free, to leave a comment or to post something they are interested in at that moment.

Because of this, most posts and stories in the group get an audience.

Here are the most regular members of our group:

As you can see, we all come from different parts of the world and I’m really happy I could meet genuine people and make deep friendships that defy international boundaries!

Thanks a lot, guys! :-)

Open Invitation

If you are interested in joining our group and you sincerely want to practice your English, of course you are welcome to join.

You can find us by clicking the link below:

Also, existing members of 1 English, 1 World can easily add their friends. 

Thanks for reading!



  1. English is really a must to be learn in all countries so we could all communicate and understand each other more even though we came from different parts of the world.

  2. I couldn't agree more, Lindsey. This is the reason why I try and organize many different learning communities on the Web.

    The world is becoming more and more tight-knit. Sometimes when I'm with my foreign friends, I can just feel racial and cultural borders disappearing.

    Anyway, good luck with your English study. I'm sure you'll make many friends everywhere in the world (if you still haven't).



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