Sunday, September 30

Sleep English

Did you sleep well last night?

Today I’m going to teach a couple of Prepositions, and some Vocabulary related to everyone’s favorite hobby: sleeping.  

First of all, when you want to say “go to sleep,” you should say:

go to bed  

ex. I’m going to bed.

Don’t say:

go to the bed  X

ex. I’m going to the bed. X

This means move or walk to the piece of furniture called “bed.” But not sleep.

You should also say:

be in bed ( = sleeping)

ex. I was in bed.

Don’t say:

be in the bed X

ex. I was in the bed. X

This means that your bed ate you. Or you were squashed between the mattress and the bed.

So you don’t need to use “the” or any Article when you’re talking about the meaning of sleep.

Similarly, we don't use the Preposition "on" here because it doesn't mean the act of sleeping. 

10 Sleeping Positions 
(for Singles!)

To teach a few Prepositions in an amusing way, I drew some pictures that demonstrate sleeping positions.

(Yes, I can draw.)

Here they are:

Position # 10:

sleep on my back

Position # 9:

sleep on my belly

Position # 8:

sleep on my side

Position # 7:

curl up

Position # 6:

cuddle / snuggle

Position # 5:

tuck myself in

Position # 4:

Swan Lake

Position # 3:

toss and turn
(this means you can’t sleep)

Position # 2:

 dead to the world

Position # 1:

dangle over the edge

Position # 0:

fall off / over the edge
(happens when you’re drunk)

What's your sleeping position? 

Hope you learned something!

Keep on learning !

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