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10 Basic Compliments to Girls

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"Compliments" are words that express admiration or affection. They’re generally good to give because they help boost another person’s self-esteem.

There are many kinds of compliments in English, and some are especially from boys to girls. Or, what boys can say to girls.

Many boys are awkward or uncomfortable about making compliments. Worse, some boys don’t even feel the need to give compliments (because they’re either too shy or too dense).

When we start talking about them, we come to realize that compliments are not as simple as we expect. Some very important things to remember are: Compliments should be given in the right situation, at the right timing. They should be sincere and given without any selfish agenda.

OK. Let’s say you’re a guy and you’ve decided to give it a shot. You’re going to give out more compliments to girls.

The biggest problems that guys face are:

  1. Naturally, guys don’t pay close attention to anything, so it’s hard for us to know what can make a good compliment.

  2. All the compliments guys come up with are compliments about appearance.

  3. Some guys give compliments too often.

  4. Some guys can’t feel the right kind of familiarity with the
    girl and make creepy compliments.

  5. Guys give either too general compliments (can work for ANY girl) or too specific and off-target (complimenting about her dress when she just got out of the hair salon).

Of course we can always argue that “Beauty is inside” and the guy who only sees physical beauty is the worst kind of guy.

But girls DO also appreciate it when guys give them compliments about their appearance -- especially when on a date -- partly because most women already know that guys are shallow and not very bright anyway.

So, although very basic, learning how to give compliments about appearance is a good place to start. Try to be more precise about how you use the general words.

Here are the top 10 most common compliments for girls…

LAST WARNING: Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” There’s no use arguing about differences in taste. What’s sexy for you might be beautiful for others and vice versa. In the same way, some of the definitions below might work for you but some might not. I tried to set one expression apart from another as well as I can.

# 10.You’re hot.

= A compliment that originates from physical attraction. Usually with a naughty flavor, but it depends on the speaker.

# 9.You’re sexy.

= The twin compliment of “You’re hot” but more classy. Still depends on the speaker. “Sexy” can also mean power and confidence.

# 8.You’re attractive.” 

= pleasing to the eye or mind, especially through beauty, character, or charm.

# 7. You’re charming.

= This is a compliment used to talk about someone’s character, not physical appearance. It means pleasing or delightful.

# 6.You’re lovely.

= Women might prefer to use this compliment more than men. “Lovely” expresses something that touches the emotion, more than the intellect.

For example, “You have lovely eyes.

# 5.You’re adorable.

= Used synonymously with the word “cute.” Women prefer to use this compliment. It’s also used to talk more about one’s personality.  In particular, it means lovable, especially in a childlike or innocent way.

# 4.You’re pretty.

= “Pretty” means good in a graceful or delicate way. This could also mean simple good looks; somewhere between cute and beautiful. There might not be anything special about being “pretty” at first, but you can certainly appreciate it and, the longer you do, the more it grows on you.

# 3. You’re gorgeous.” 

= Some people think this is the ultimate compliment, for the sort of head-turning, jaw-dropping, and long-lasting effect that some women make on men. But I’d still bet on “beautiful” for sincerity.

# 2.You’re cute.

= Used for teddy bears, pandas, kitties, puppies, babies etc. “Cute” means dainty, amusing, precious, or childish; sweet and innocent. Subconsciously, the speaker might view the receiver of the compliment as younger or in need of protection. Someone cute can be small in size or can be described by their behavior. 

Scientists have researched on and contrasted "cute" against "beautiful." Here's a summary of their findings: 









For affection/ 

For pedestal 





At this point, it would be appropriate (and unavoidable) to mention the Japanese concept of “cuteness” or “kawaii” (かわいい).

The power of cute is rooted very deep in Japanese pop culture, entertainment, romance, clothing, food, personal appearance, behavior, and mannerisms. In Japan, "cuteness" has definitely evolved very far from its original concept. 

Now it has the additional meanings of: cool, groovy, desirable, charming, and harmless. 

Internationally, younger people would also tend to use the word "cute" for guys no matter the size or masculinity. In other words, "cute" has become the new handsome. 

(So if a girl gives this compliment to a guy, the guy shouldn't feel bad at all and just take it as a compliment.) 

#1. "You're beautiful.

= Extraordinary and above average. A rare kind of prettiness. Certainly deeper than the physical attraction involved in the compliments "sexy" and "hot." 

"Beautiful" is also sometimes more complete, the inside and outside of a person combined. 

Do you agree or disagree with the 
descriptions above? 

Kindly share your ideas in the comments. 


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