Friday, August 10

Waterproof Country

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You can see the sun in the Philippine flag.

The Philippines is a small tropical archipelago in Southeast Asia, consisting of 7, 107 islands. If this still doesn’t sound like a beach paradise to you, the perfect getaway for your next vacation, let me tell you about the local weather.

It’s fine, sunshiny days for most of the year. Hot and humid, with the yearly temperature  averaging at about 26.5 ° C (79.7 ° F).  Just 3 months ago, one of the hottest days of the year was recorded at 36.6 ° C (97.88 ° F).

Filipinos are more or less used to such heat.

But all this is changing in the face of a global climate change with dramatic, rapid, and freakish consequences. (Yesterday, South Africa experienced snowfall for the first time in 5 years). Tragically for all, it seems as though things are going to have a very permanent impact on our lives, and there’ll be no going back to how we used to be.

For the past two weeks, it has been raining non-stop and flooding in 80 cities in the metropolitan area of the Philippines, and in at least 3 other regions.

For the past 2 weeks.

I can imagine the sunny – almost literally the way it sounds – Filipinos feeling cooped up and depressed by the endless days of rain. Not to mention the at best inconvenient and at worst life-threatening conditions posed by the relentless rains.

So far, 49 have been reported dead from everywhere in the country; 6 are missing and 4 injured. More than 2 million Filipinos have been affected, according to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), and 630 evacuation centers have been set up.  

But in spite of all, the Filipino people remain strong and positive – as is their usual character. A very religious and fun-loving lot, they never lose faith in the face of adversity, and they still find solace and even humor while (neck) deep in trouble.

Because of this, one student was inspired to create this poster:

Both Twitter and Facebook were also flooded by positive images that celebrate the Filipino character. Messages like “We are poor but we are rich” and “No one gets left behind” were the catchphrases. All indelible proof that as long as a Filipino heart beats, hope will always be just on the horizon.

Hope you enjoyed reading!


Disclaimer: All images have been gathered from the Net -- specifically, Facebook and Twitter. I do not claim rights on any of them. 

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