Saturday, August 25

Protect, Prevent, Preserve

Today, I’m going to talk about 3 Verbs: Protect, Prevent, and Preserve.

In order to learn the differences between these Verbs, please take a look at their basic meanings:

Protect = keep safe; cover or shield

Prevent = stop someone or something

Preserve = keep in original condition

As you can see, the words may seem similar but, upon closer inspection, you will discover that they actually talk about different situations.

Now, let’s take a look at the structure of sentences for each word. Again, in their structures, you will find some similarities that often cause confusion among students.

  •   protect someone/ something + from/ against + someone/ something (Noun)


Sunscreen protects the skin against sunburn.

As a goalie, you have to protect the goal.

This software protects your computer against viruses.

You should protect your privacy against hackers.

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  •    prevent someone/ something from doing something (V+ing)


I feel terrible. We could’ve prevented that accident from happening.

Your job as a goalie is to prevent the other team from scoring (at your goal).

The goalie prevented the ball/ shot.

Her mother’s warning prevented her from going out.


Note: At this point, it’s interesting to mention the difference between British and American English:


prevent someone/ something (from) V+ing  
= “from” can be omitted


His mother prevented him from marrying.

-- or --

His mother prevented him marrying.


prevent someone/ something from V+ing 
= with “from”  


His mother prevented him from marrying.

Finally, the same pattern for “prevent” is used for the Verbstop.”

  •     stop + someone/ something + from + Ving


The health officials are trying their best to stop the disease from spreading.


  •     Preserve + Something


We can preserve fruit by turning them into jam.

It’s our duty as responsible citizens to preserve our country’s rich culture.

The art conservators know best how to preserve the Mona Lisa.

I hope you learned how to distinguish each word from the other. Finally, here are their Noun forms:

Protect (verb) = Protection (noun)

Prevent (verb) = Prevention (noun)

Preserve (verb) = Preservation (noun)

Thanks for Reading!

;-) Registered & Protected

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