Friday, August 31

I'm One Year Old!

Today is the first year anniversary of my blog Cool Elf !!

Yes, I decided to set up this blog just last year.

At that time, I knew 0% about web design and basically how to operate a computer. I didn’t know how to upload pictures, make links, or color-coordinate.

(The first version of Cool Elf was painful to the eye ;-D)

But little by little, I learned everything by myself. I even learned a bit of HTML, which is some basic programming code. It was very helpful that there are blog services on the Net that give free and pre-set design templates and tutorials. It’s actually easy if you just follow them, but of course it takes time and dedication.

In the end, I was able to make Cool Elf. And I’m really proud of it because it’s a new skill that I have acquired.

I guess the strongest point of a blog lies in its content. There are far too many blogs that get created every day, but only a few of them last and survive. Because there are too many different kinds of blogs on the Net -- of all appearances and themes -- what makes one unique and stand out among the rest is its content.

Content is what the writer (blogger) has to offer to others, the readers. It should be a special idea that only YOU can give.

I know, in today’s modern world, there’s hardly any new idea left. Everything has of course already been realized ahead of you.

But don’t worry. Even if your idea isn’t the first one in the world, it’s okay. As long as you’re able to show the idea in a fresh and creative way.

In Cool Elf, what I wanted to do above all was to provide a free English learning site that’s simple, direct, and accessible to many people.  There are a lot of English learning sites out there, but not many of them fully consider the average English learner’s level. Most of the English sites are either too hard or confusing for learners.

I’ve also been giving person-to-person lessons for the past 10 years – mostly to my Korean and Japanese students. And most of my students have said that I have a talent for making the difficult parts of English very clear and easy to understand.

And so I have decided to share the same style of teaching here on Cool Elf.


I know English will only become more and more important as the world moves on towards greater globalization. As the world becomes tighter and tighter, so the opportunities of many non-English speaking people shrink. English has become a necessary tool for success. This is true for people of whatever gender, age, or nationality.  

There are many people in the world in need of proper English education. I want to share my knowledge and skills to as many as I can reach. This is why I made Cool Elf.

In the first year of my blog, I have received 30, 000 visitors from different parts of the world. Some of them are my former person-to-person students; and some are new friends I just met online.

My top audiences by country are:

    #1.  America

    #2.  Japan

    #3.  Philippines

    #4.  South Korea

    #5.  Russia

    Aside from these countries, it’s very interesting to know that I receive visitors from cities and towns with exotic names like Robat Karim, Johor Bahru, Marktoberdorf, Addis Abeba, etc.

    I welcome everyone! ;-)

    I really believe the English language can promote peace and friendship between and among different cultures. This is why I said before that one of my guiding principles as a teacher is: B.B.B.B. = This means “Break Barriers and Build Bridges.

    I have a dynamic group on Facebook called “1 English, 1 World.” I also have other English learning communities on the Net that I either made or joined.

    (If you want, you can try and search our group name on Facebook. We are easy to find and all the members there are very friendly.)

    As  John Lennon once sang:

    Imagine there's no countries

    It isn't hard to do

    Nothing to kill or die for

    . . .

    Imagine all the people living life in peace

    No need for greed or hunger

    A brotherhood of man

    Imagine all the people sharing all the world.

    You may say 

    I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one

    I hope some day you'll join us

    And the world will be as one.


    I’ll keep on trying to come up with fresh and interesting ideas on how to learn English. If you’re one of my regular readers, please don’t hesitate to send me a message, offer me a suggestion, or ask me a question anytime.

    Good luck to everyone!! Thanks for reading!


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