Wednesday, August 1

Adjective Advanced Answers

If you still haven't read the short lecture about Adjectives, you'd better go there first: 

If you've already read the lecture, then go ahead and check your answers: 

       Because flu is a ____ public concern, pharmaceutical companies have been marketing a variety of medications.

A.      grow

B.      grew

C.      growth

D.      growing

2.       Photo-Ops is a bimonthly publication ____ by an organization of amateur photographers devoted to their avocation.

A.      distributes

B.      are distributed

C.      distributed

D.      will distribute

3.       The resort keeps its patrons ____ by offering numerous services that ensure their comfort and well-being.

A.      satisfy

B.      satisfies

C.      satisfied

D.      satisfaction

Hope you got all the answers! 


If you're still confused about this topic, you'd better have  a quick review by watching this video

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