Tuesday, August 7

A Good Exercise about “Enough”

Have you got enough?  

Today’s topic is the word “Enough.”

First of all, let’s try and identify its Part of Speech, or what kind of word it is.

Enough” is both an Adjective and an Adverb.

Now, what does this mean?

This means that we can use “Enough” to describe:

1.       a Noun,

2.       a Verb,

3.       an Adjective,


4.       another Adverb

But be careful! Depending on what kind of words you combine it with, you have to place “Enough” properly inside your sentence.

In other words, the position of “Enough” varies in relation to what other words there are in the sentence. Like this:

1.       Enough + Noun

2.       Verb + Enough

3.       Adjective + Enough

4.       Adverb + Enough

Yes, you heard it right. This means that if you make sentences that are different from these patterns, you will be wrong.

For example,

1.       I had money enough. (= X)

2.       He enough exercised. (=X)

3.       They are enough happy. (=X)

4.       She jumped enough high. (=X)

All the sentences above are wrong. To follow the 4 patterns that I gave earlier, they should each be changed to:

1.       I had enough money. (= Ok)

2.       He exercised enough. (=Ok)

3.       They are happy enough. (=Ok)

4.       She jumped high enough. (=Ok)

Did you get it?

It might look complicated and confusing at first, but after enough practice, I’m sure you’ll get it. Just keep following the patterns that I gave you above and you will soon get used to them.

They’re very simple and easy to remember. Once more, let’s take a look at them:

1.       Enough + Noun

2.       Verb + Enough

3.       Adjective + Enough

4.       Adverb + Enough

Now, let’s have a quick exercise…

Let’s combine the following words with “Enough.” Please try to make sentences by using the words below. You can make any kind of sentence as long as you use all the words in each item. Don’t change or skip any word.

I advise that you first try to do this exercise by yourself before you look at my answers. Writing down your answers on a piece of paper would be best.

1.       (I) + (enough) + (rich)

2.       (I) + (enough) + (money)

3.       (I) + (enough) + (smart)

4.        (I) + (enough) + (English skill)

5.       (My English) + (enough) + (good)

6.       (I) + (enough) + (speak English) + (well)

7.       (I) + (enough) + (confident)

8.       (I) + (enough) + (confidence)

9.       (I) + (enough) + (speak) + (confidently)

10.   (I) + (enough) + (tall

Have you finished making all 10 sentences? If so, to see my answers, please click the link below: 

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