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Answers to the Exercise (Second Part)

This post has 2 parts: the Explanation and the Answers Part. If you still haven't read the first part, it'll be better for you to do so now. 

If you don't, you might find this part hard to understand. 

Please click the link below if you haven't read the first. If you want to see the Answers, please continue reading. 

A Good Exercise About "Enough" (Explanation / First Part)

Please see the answers to the first part below... 

Once again, here is our "Enough" exercise: 

1.       (I) + (enough) + (rich)

2.       (I) + (enough) + (money)

3.       (I) + (enough) + (smart)

4.        (I) + (enough) + (English skill)

5.       (my English) + (enough) + (good)

6.       (I) + (enough) + (speak English) + (well)

7.       (I) + (enough) + (confident)

8.       (I) + (enough) + (confidence)

9.       (I) + (enough) + (speak) + (confidently)

10.     (I) + (enough) + (tall)

Finally, here are our answers:

1.       I am rich enough.  

2.       I have enough money.

3.       I am smart enough.

4.        I have enough English skill.

5.       My English is good enough.

6.       I speak English well enough.

7.       I am confident enough.

8.       I have enough confidence.

9.       I speak confidently enough.

10.     I am tall enough.

Did you get all of them correctly?

If you want explanations for our answers, here they are. You will notice that they’re the same patterns that I taught you before the exercise:

1.       rich enough (= Adjective + Enough)

2.       enough money   (= Enough + Noun)

3.       smart enough (= Adjective + Enough)

4.        enough English skill (= Enough + Noun)

5.       good enough (= Adjective + Enough)

6.       well enough (= Adverb + Enough)

7.       confident enough (= Adjective + Enough)

8.       enough confidence (= Enough + Noun)

9.       confidently enough (= Adverb + Enough)

10.     tall enough (=Adjective + Enough)

Finally, if you want, you can easily make longer sentences by adding “To + Verb” at the end of all our sentences.

This way:

1.       I am rich enough to + Verb.  

2.       I have enough money to + Verb.

3.       I am smart enough to + Verb.

4.        I have enough English skill to + Verb.

5.       My English is good enough to + Verb.

6.       I speak English well enough to + Verb.

7.       I am confident enough to + Verb.

8.       I have enough confidence to + Verb.

9.       I speak confidently enough to + Verb.

10.     I am tall enough to + Verb.

What kind of meaning or situation you will make is up to you.

Good luck!


P.S. How many correct answers did you get? If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here or send them to me in a message! Registered & Protected

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