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Who is Teacher Mon?

日本語訳 + 生徒からのコメント

Hi! First, let me introduce myself. 

My name is Mon ReaI’ve been teaching English to Japanese learners for almost 9 years now. Before this, I taught Korean learners for another 5 years. That's a total of 14 years. 

(I'm not THAT old though. I'm just in my early 30s ;-D)

It won't be far from the truth if I say I’ve taught a thousand Asian friends how to speak English. 

All my students say I have a talent for explaining the very difficult parts of English in the simplest and clearest way. So I hope to share some of my knowledge on this Blog. This is for all my former students in Japan and my new online friends who are interested in studying English. 

If your passion is learning English, then you’ve found the right man! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 



This is my Introduction Video. WARNING: ONLY ENGLISH :-D 

Teaching and Related Experience

ACADEMIC EXECUTIVE, CO-FOUNDER, HEAD TEACHER, Encore English Philippines; August 2013 – March 2015
  • Planned, created, and implemented a curriculum for a school
  • Created tests for the leveling of students
  • Wrote books for both reference and dynamic practice
  • Launched campaigns for marketing and promotions
  • Screened, hired, and trained teachers 
VICE PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS, CO-FOUNDER, Acers Language School; January 2012 – April 2013
  • Partly planned, created, and implemented a curriculum for a school
  • Created tests for the leveling of students
  • Participated in planning and decision-making on Marketing and Promotions
  • Taught TOEIC and IELTS
TRAINER, Story Share Incorporated, Mandaluyong City; January 2011 – January 2012

  • Daily screened and trained new teachers
  • Conducted group trainings for all teachers, old and new
  • Supervised the implementation of a previously created teaching material
  • Occasionally conducted HR interviews of teacher-applicants
  • Taught Group Study
  • Taught IELTS
  • Conducted group activities / events for all students
TRAINER, Edhen Miles Incorporated, Dahlia, Fairview; October 2007 – December 2011

  • Created a book as teaching material
  • Edited and improved existing teaching materials
  • Taught Group Study
  • Taught TOEFL
  • Conducted group activities / events for all students
CURRICULUM OFFICER, JEI-RUN Communications Center, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City; June 2002 – September 2007

  • Created level tests and a leveling system for the whole school
  • Interviewed and admitted students 
  • Conducted regular level tests and monitored all students' progress 
  • Planned and implemented curriculum programs 
  • Conducted training workshops for old and new teachers 
  • Supervised general TOEIC simulation tests 

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