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Hi! First, let me introduce myself. 

My name is Mon Rea. I have a bachelor's degree in English studies, and I'm an ESL teacher by profession. 

I’ve been teaching Japanese students for about 5 years now. Before this, I taught Korean learners for another 5 years. That's a total of 10 years. (I'm not THAT old though, just 30 ;-D)

In short, I’ve taught hundreds of Asian friends how to speak English. 

All my students say I have a talent for explaining the very difficult parts of English in the simplest and clearest way. So I hope to share some of my knowledge on this Blog. This is for all my former students in Japan and my new online friends who are interested in studying English. 

If your passion is learning English, then you’ve found the right man!


If you want to write me a private message, please send it to this address:



Japanese translation 


名前はMon Reaです。英語教師として10年間働いています(でも、そんなに年とってないんです…まだ30歳!)

日本人生徒に英語を教えて約 5 年、その前は韓国人生徒に約5年間教えていました。人数にすると数百人の友達(生徒)に英語を教えてきたことになります。



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