Thursday, May 24


Are You Up to the Challenge? 

Hey guys, 

This is your chance to practice your English through the most fulfilling way: Writing

Just write about any topic you like. This can be a grammar point, your opinion about English, your own experience, a joke, your favorite song, a movie that you just watched, your advice to other English learners, an issue (global or local to your own country), a story, a trip - and almost everything and anything interesting! 

Next, send your writing to me at: I'll edit your English for free then we'll post it under your real name (or anonymously) here on Cool Elf

This is your chance to have your writing featured and shown to all our friends around the world: in Japan and other parts of Asia, in Europe, America, South America, Russia etc. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start writing! 


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