Wednesday, May 9

What Day Is It Today?

Have you ever wondered where the names of the 7 days came from? Well, you don’t need to wonder anymore coz I’m gonna tell you the answers now.

So, listen closely…

As a matter of fact, most of the names on our calendar come from Norse mythology. In the past, people believed in the gods and goddesses of mythology - that's why. 

Norse mythology is a kind of branch of Germanic mythology. And mythology is the collection of folk stories or legends. In short, supernatural stories. 

Still confused?

Well, did you watch the movie “Thor” last year? That movie is based on Norse mythology.


Here are the 7 days of the week... 

1. Tuesday

= Tiw’s day

Tīw is the sky-god of Norse mythology.  He was the original father and head of the gods, some people believe.  But Odin and Thor finally became more popular than him.

2. Wednesday

= Woden’s day

In Norse mythology, Woden (or Odin) is the ruler of Asgard, the capital city of the gods.

3. Thursday

= Thor’s day

Thor is one of Odin’s many sons. He's also known as the “God of Thunder” who commands his mighty weapon, the hammer Mjöllnir.

He had his own movie last year and was also in the hit superhero movie “The Avengers” last week!  


4. Friday

= Freya’s day

Freya is the war-goddess who rules Fólkvangr, the field where half of the dead warriors go. (The other half go to Odin’s place).

5. Saturday 

Saturn's day 

In Roman mythology, Saturn is the god of harvest. He's also the father of Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune etc.

6. Sunday

= Sun’s day

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7. Monday

= Mon’s day 

Teacher Mon is the English teacher who made this Blog. Once a week, on this special day, people all over the world worship him.


Huh?! @@”

7. Monday

= Moon’s day

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