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How Do You Find It?

Be careful, guys!

When somebody asks you:

Q: How do you find this restaurant?

How will you answer?

A.      My friend recommended it to me.

B.      I found it on the Internet.

C.      I think it’s great.


If you answered Letter “C,” you are correct ;-)

But if you answered Letter “A” or “B,” then you're one of the many learners who have the wrong idea of this expression.

As a matter of fact, “How do you find?” means “What do you think?” or “What’s your opinion?

That’s why if somebody asks you this question:

Q: How do you find the movie (so far)?

You should answer by sharing your opinion on it.

The original, complete answer to this question is:

A: I find it exciting.

Notice that the pattern used is:

Subject + find + something/ someone + Adjective

Please don’t be surprised and don’t get confused. The Adjective at the end of the sentence will describe the word (something or someone) before it.

Like this:                   

I find him attractive.

 I find sunflowers very beautiful.

But if you wish, you don’t really need to follow the original pattern. As long as you're able to express what you think or feel (your opinion), that’s also a natural answer.

For example,

A: I like it.

A: She’s great/ wonderful/ fantastic.

A: I think it’s too big.

A: This book sucks*.

*sucks = to be terrible

Again, please remember that "How do you find?" means "What do you think?

Your friend might ask you this question on many other topics: food, fashion, a person, a country you’ve been visiting, etc. 

So you need to practice a lot.

How Do You Find…? vs. How Did You Find…?

The problem and confusion happens because there are actually two meanings. Sometimes this meaning is also possible:

Q: How did you find my house?

A: I asked somebody how to get here.

So, now we are talking about the way or method to locate. The physical meaning.

If you don’t wanna get confused, you can check the tense of the question, whether it is Past tense or Present tense.

This rule is usually (but not always) true:

How do you find…? = your opinion

How did you find…? = way to locate

WARNING: The Past question “How did you find…?” is sometimes used to talk about the way to physically locate, and sometimes about opinion.

Finally, the best way is to try to feel the situation that the speaker is talking about. You have to realize what the speaker really wants to hear -- whether it's your opinion or the way that you were able to locate.

If the speaker asks you:

Q: How do you find my new hairstyle?

Of course it is strange to answer:

A: I find it on your head. X

And if you just came back from a trip to Hawaii, your friend will ask you:

Q: How did you find Hawaii?

It’s wrong to answer:

A: I found it on a map. X

You should say your opinion in both these situations. 

Got it?

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  1. Very helpful explanations, thanks for your post. Now I am recognized what did I answer stupid way ;)

    1. Glad I could help. And don't worry about your mistakes. It's through them that we get better. Good luck with your English study!


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