Thursday, May 3

Battery English

In today’s high-tech world, we have all kinds of very portable and mobile devices.

*portable = easy to carry

*mobile = easy to move

Which of the following do you have?

£ Smartphone

£ netbook

£ camera

£ i-Phone/ i-Pod/ i-Pad

£ others

Because of this development and our unique situation, it’s necessary for the battery (energy or power supply) to be compact and to travel light together with the device. In other words, the modern battery needs to be as small as possible.

However, until scientists can discover an unlimited supply of energy, we will be the slave of so many different kinds of chargers:  

£ Smartphone charger

£ netbook charger

£ camera charger

£ i-Phone/ i-Pod/ i-Pad charger

£ other chargers

How many times have you worried and charged your device hours before you left the house? How many times have you felt afraid because your battery meter is almost empty? How many times have you felt frustrated because you couldn’t use your camera to capture a special moment?

Welcome to the club!

And since you’re 100% ruled by all your electronic devices, it’s about time that you learned the right expressions to talk about your slave life:

Here’s Battery English 

CAUTION: Due to the trendy nature of techno products, the language here will tend to be casual. 


"I'm fully-charged." 

- or - 

"My i-Phone/ camera/ battery etc. is fully-charged." 

- or - 

"Don't worry. I just charged it." 


"I've got enough (battery)." 

- or - 

"I've still got enough (battery)." 

- or - 

"I've still got enough juice (slang)." 


"O-oh! I'm running low..." 

- or - 

"I'm low on battery." 

- or - 

"I'm low batt." 


"I'm almost out." 

- or - 

"I'm almost dead." 

- or - 

"Battery's running out." 

- or - 

"I really need to charge (my phone)." 


"I'm out." 

- or - 

"I'm dead." 

- or - 

"Battery's dead." 

Actual Words May Vary.


P.S. For the difference between "Short of" and "Out of," please check out:

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