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A Country’s Pride

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This is great news for the Philippines.

On April 3, GlobalEnglish Corp released the results of its Business English Index (B.E.I.).

This test measures English proficiency in the workplace and is conducted every year.

With its headquarters in Brisbane, California, GlobalEnglish works with multinational companies such as Procter and Gamble, HSBC, Cisco, and Phzer in improving Business English around the world.

According to this year’s BEI, the Philippines is the world’s best country in terms of Business English proficiency. Surprisingly, it has even overtaken the US.

Among 76 countries, only the Philippines attained a score above 7.0. This is the Intermediate level which indicates “an ability to take an active role in business discussions and to perform relatively complex tasks.

The Philippines got a total score of 7.11 and was the only country to belong in the Intermediate level.

Both the Philippines and Norway have been among the top 5 countries for two consecutive years.

As many of us know, a high level of Business English skill is  essential in today’s highly-globalized world, where company expansion across international boundaries is a must.

GlobalEnglish President Tom Kahl goes on to say that:

“Addressing English skills gaps and ensuring that employees can immediately perform at the necessary proficiency level should be viewed as a strategic imperative for multinational businesses, as Enterprise Fluency, the ability to seamlessly communicate and collaborate within global organizations, can deliver significant financial upside.”

Here are the Top 10 countries based on GlobalEnglish’s 2012 BEI:











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