Saturday, March 10

My Friend, the Drift Racer

I never dreamed that I would meet a real drift racer.

Worse, I've known my friend for about 3 years but I never really imagined him as a racer. 

I blame the media. My first impression of drift racing came from the mainstream movie “The Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift.” In Japan, this movie is locally known as “Wild Speed.” It gave me (and probably the rest of the world) a larger-than-life image of drifting.

The movie was about illegal street racing. So, I had the wrong idea that drift driving was very rare and limited only to a small group in Japan: ultra-rich guys or Yakuza gangsters! 


But my friend told me that it’s an old motor sport and has gotten quite popular.


My friend’s name is Daiki Shimizu. He’s been into drift racing for about 6 years now. 

Daiki first entered the world of drift driving coz he was a big fan of the manga “Initial – D.” 


There are many categories of drift competitions. But what Daiki prefers is performance driving. This is like figure-skating on concrete – with a 2, 800-pound car instead of a pair of skates. 

Speed, angle and line taken are all important.  Plus your show factor. This means, the amount of smoke from your car tires and the sounds your car makes.

Take a look at some video clips:

Now, let's take a look at what happens inside a drifting car: 

For Daiki, the biggest trouble in drift driving is the fact that you have to change tires almost every hour.


These days, Daiki has been channeling most of his concentration on the safer task of getting his Masters degree in Business at a top school in the Philippines. 

But inside, I know he will always remain a drift racer by heart.

Pit stop

The cockpit

Modifications on the engine

Dream car

Wanna go for a drive?


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