Tuesday, February 21

Mind Your Own Business!

Today I’m here to explain the meaning of a few strong expressions in English: “Mind your own business,” “It’s none of your business ” and “Shut up.”  

Before anything else, the first two expressions absolutely don’t mean anything about business, such as a company, job or office. In fact, you should be careful about using them because they are very direct expressions and very impolite.

But let’s start with the slang word “Shut up" ...

As you know, this word basically means to “stop talking.” Because another word for “close” is “shut.”  For example, “Shut the door,” “Shut the window” and even “Shut down the computer.

So, “Shut up” means “Shut your mouth” or “Shut your trap (this means mouth  too).”

As you might guess, if you speak this word in a loud voice, it can be very strong and very rude.  People should be careful in using it.

If somebody is saying terrible things about your best friend or your girlfriend (boyfriend), you can yell at that person: “Shut up!

This is the first and original meaning of “Shut up.”

Actually, in informal English, “Shut up” has other meanings. It doesn’t always mean bad or impolite.

The second meaning of “Shut up” is also to stop talking. But not as strong as the first.

For example, if your best friend is too excited and he or she starts talking about your top secret plan for the holiday, you can also say: “Shut up!” 

Of course this doesn’t mean you’re really angry at your friend. This time, “Shut up” has the same meaning as: “Shhh! Be quiet!

The third and last meaning of “Shut up” is “I don’t believe you” or “Stop kidding.” But with this, you have to be careful about your voice and intonation. If you try to use it with the wrong intonation, you will be wrong and you will sound impolite.

For example, your friend is talking about the amazing date that he had last night: Sexy girl, beautiful as an actress, dinner by candlelight, expensive restaurant on the rooftop of a building, then coming home to the girl’s apartment… but you can guess that the story isn’t true. At this point, you can tell your friend the third style of “Shut up” - with a smile on your face.

It means: “You’re kidding, right?” or “Stop joking around!

On the other hand, “Mind your own business” and “It’s none of your business” have only one meaning. Their tone is similar to the first meaning of “Shut up” and they are also very direct and impolite.

Both “Mind your own business” and “It’s none of your business” actually mean: “Don’t ask about my private things” or “Don’t join (in a conversation, discussion, argument) when nobody invites you.” When you practice it, try to remember the mood and feeling of “Shut up” (First meaning).

The person you are talking to or the person who will hear your “Mind your own business” will feel hurt and ashamed. It also has the meaning of “Leave me alone” or “Go away.

So, please don’t use these expressions so easily or you might regret it.

Lastly, unlike “Shut up,” “Mind your own business” doesn’t have a soft or friendly meaning at all. Only one angry meaning.

P.S. If you are on the other side of the conversation and somebody told you “Mind your own business” or “It’s none of your business,” the best reply would be: “I’m sorry that you feel/ think like that. I only meant to help.” Or: “I didn’t mean to.

You can also simply say: “Fine! Whatever!” and just leave.



  1. shut up in loud tone can mean the person is guilty of things. when it's said mind your own business and shut up can mean also the person knows that he/she have caused a big blunder and is actually caught in ways..using the word shut up in a loud rude voice makes the person puts himself/herself very down and not to be respected by anyone at all.

  2. Hello! Thanks for adding those



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