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Are You GENERATION SNS? ... ... ... (10 Questions to Find Out)

“SNS” means “Social Networking Service.” This is an online phenomenon that started roughly in the beginning of the 21st century and continues to this day.

But now I’m using this expression to cover a wider set of meanings and memories.

In short, people who belong to Gen-SNS share unique experiences and styles that will set them apart from other past and future generations.

If you’re not sure whether you’re a part of Generation SNS, try answering the following questions below.

Count how many “Yes” answers you will make.  


1.       Do you often find yourself fumbling for passwords simply because you have too many of them?

When you think about it, a password is the most secure while simultaneously the simplest way to protect your info online. It’s the first and last line of defense for the average Joe with a computer. 

And it’s unbreakable in the sense that the one who makes it is the only one who knows it (actually, you and the owner of the site and a dozen other people).

How hard it will be depends on you. So you often rack your brains for the most unique, toughest and most memorable password you can come up with.

But the ultimate Gen-SNS experience about passwords is: Our heads are crammed full of them.

There are just too many websites out there now – of all shapes and reasons – and most of them require membership. In short, a password is your key.

Very soon, one key turns into a whole ring of keys. And before you know it, you’re walking around like a jail warden -- all your keys dangling from your belt, weighing down your brain.

2.       Do you have at least 1 pair of earphones and at least 1 music manager – whether an iPod, iPhone, cellphone, Mp3 player (or, God forbid, a Discman)?

This is a very real phenomenon among Gen-SNS people. Armies are walking around with identical accessories: earphones or headsets of all sizes, cords hanging down from heads - whether conspicuously or discreetly, neatly or uncomfortably, in the coffeshop, elevator or at the crosswalk.

And this has very real consequences.

A.      People are more isolated (wrapped up in their own music planets).

B.      People are less approachable. Of course you don’t wanna catch a stranger’s attention. Not to mention a stranger with earphones on. 

C.      And when they do take off their earphones, their ear drums and half their brain cells are all but gone, fried away by the constant, “silent-killer” volume.

* Note: If the music of your favorite bands were really meant to be heard this way – 100% fidelity of sound – then why do you find yourself getting bored with the same song over and over again? The song which used to be your true love? Which used to make your heart soar whenever it’s played on the shop or car radio by chance?

Rarity has its virtue.

D.      The vicious cycle of being plugged. You put music on your ears to fall asleep but you end up staying awake. Is there no rest for the music-loving soul?

Silence has become even more precious.

3.       Do you find yourself categorized into one of two camps: the Follower or the Followed?

Twitter made it very clear when it drew the line across people. What do you wanna be? Someone who follows or someone who’s followed?

Unfortunately, not every last person in the world can be followed. Because, then, who’ll be left to become the follower?

So, in this generation, someone’s idol is another one’s follower. Someone’s follower is another’s idol.

And who’s the guy on top? At the end of the line?

Nobody. Everybody’s famous so nobody’s famous.

4.       Are you married to your phone? Do you find yourself standing up in the middle of a meal and going outside the restaurant to take a call? And do you often spot another person doing the exact same thing?

It’s like there are invisible threads (or chains, depends on how you see it) that has your hand tied to the side of your face and connected to a giant satellite somewhere deep in space, then connected to the loved one or colleague that you’re communicating with.

Generation SNS is all about bonds, but a bond as you know can only mean either a brotherhood and a connection - or a form of enslavement.

5.       Do you find yourself taking pictures of everything? The meal that you're about to eat or the fireworks show that you can’t appreciate with your naked eye? Do you find yourself travelling with the thought of all the pictures that you’re gonna be posting on Facebook at the back of your head?

Somebody once said that nobody travels anymore with travel as an end in itself. Often, travelling becomes just an excuse to take a lot of pictures.

Well, in Gen-SNS, travel for some people has become an excuse to post something online.

6.       Have you ever deliberately announced your relationship status to your friends online? Whether from “Single” to “In a relationship”, or from “Engaged” to “It’s complicated,” then back to “Single” all over again. 

Do you take your friends along a roller-coaster ride of emotions?

A.      Have you entered a relationship with someone that you met in a social network? Have you ever gotten in a fight with someone online – whether provoked or by your own making?

7.       Does the word “share” mean something to you other than charity and Mother Teresa?

A.      Does the word “like” come with a thumbs-up image in your head?

8.       When you hear the word “apple,” do you think of something that you can’t eat?

A.      If Steve Jobs is your personal hero, then that’s the end of the test for you.

9.       Do you find yourself touching an ATM screen to make it change?

10.   Would you rather check Google map than ask someone for directions?

Around how many “Yes” answers did you give? That’s your score.

Point Interpretation

If you got a score of…

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