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The Adjective Clause

Can you describe this man?
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Some books call it the Adjective Clause while some books call it the Relative Clause. But they're just the same thing.

An Adjective Clause isn’t really so hard. It’s easier than you think if you understand how it works.

Like this:

So, basically, an Adjective Clause is also an Adjective. The only difference is that it’s longer.


To make an Adjective Clause, you need to follow this pattern:

WARNING: Contrary to what most students think, “What” is not a Relative Pronoun and it can never be used to make an Adjective Clause.

Let's continue... We use different Relative Pronouns depending on the meaning: 

And other Relative Pronouns are: 

Now that you know the different Relative Pronouns, you need to complete your Adjective Clause

This way:


Now let's practice! 

Try and tell whether the following sentences are right or wrong:

1.       I met the man who lost his wallet.

2.       I met the woman who I talked to her.

3.       The man who he lives there is my friend.

4.       The man who lost his wallet.

And the answers are...

Only Sentence 1 is right. All the other sentences are wrong. 

1.       I met the man who lost his wallet. ü

2.       I met the woman who I talked to her. X

3.       The man who he lives there is my friend. X

4.    The man who lost his wallet.  X (this is not a complete sentence)

The sentences above are common mistakes made by students. To avoid making them, basically, you should try not to mix the two kinds of Adjective Clauses:

So you can make sentences like these:

The bag that has a zipper is expensive. (Subject Pattern)

The bag that she likes is expensive. (Object Pattern)


For more information, especially comparing the Adjective Clause to the Noun Clause, please check out the free audio file. Just go to: 

iTunes>>> Podcasts >>> Cool Elf 

Or, if you don't have iTunes, you can also download the file right here, right now: 

Good luck! 

Keep on learning !


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