Wednesday, November 2

A Scary... Love Story?

This is a late Halloween spillover.

In this recording, you will hear the Halloween theme in the background.

I, a few other teachers, and a couple of students were supposed mainly to exchange ghost stories.  

But there was this damn bag where we drew pieces of paper that told us what to do exactly (e.g. explain a grammar concept, play “Taboo” and, like I said, tell a ghost story).

And unfortunately, I picked something much worse: Tell a sad love story.

So, this is a recording of 1 Halloween story from a student and 1 love story from me! ;-D

It’s a bit funny especially with the scary music in the background, but try and see if you can understand them.

I have to warn you though that I used simpler sentence structures because I was adjusting to the English level of my audience.

Because of this, you will catch incomplete sentences (sentence fragments), a few missing Articles, simpler choice of words and, most importantly, the lack of Reported Speech

The Reported Speech, in brief, is something like this:

Ex. She said she wanted to join us. ü

And not:

Ex. She said, “I want to join you.” X

Although I am in fact telling a story so I might be excused, I want you to know that practicing the Reported Speech in this instance is better.

Anyway, having said these things, I hope you enjoy this audio file. And I hope you gain something from it. ;-)


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