Thursday, January 26

" I Married" or "I Am Married" ?

(This is a Re-post!)

This is Episode 6 of my podcast seriesIT’S A SMALL WORLD.

In the Introduction, it's very surprising to know that there are actually two kinds of words when we hear sentences with the Vocabulary “marry.” 

These two kinds of words are completely different although their spelling is exactly the same. This is very confusing for students and non-native speakers of English.

After the Introduction, I’ll proceed to talk about a large number of Adjectives in English that look like Verbs!! 

So, I’ll be teaching Vocabulary such as “satisfied,” “disappointed,” “frustrated,” “exciting,” “interesting,” etc.

I’ll also be mentioning some really practical and common words that we easily misunderstand. Words like “upset,” “late,” “absent,” etc.

Knowing what kind of Vocabulary you are using in a sentence is essential in making good and grammatical sentences. 

In fact, this is one of the big secrets of fluent speakers of English.

Especially, Adjectives that look like Verbs are very important coz, like I said, there’s quite a lot of them in English. And they are very misleading and are usual points of confusion.

In connection with this, I’ll also practice the Basic Tenses of English necessary for sentence-making.

Lastly, I’ll try a bit of practice to talk about one’s marital status. 

When you introduce yourself at a first meeting, it’s common to ask about social status. 

Ex. Q: Are you single? 

      A: No, I’m not single. I’m married.

So it’s very practical to learn these expressions.

Without further ado, let me present to you Episode 6: I Married or I am Married.

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