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Even, Even though, Though and Although

These expressions (even, even though, though and although) are all confusing because they look very similar. 

Let's try to discuss each of them: 

1.       Even = something surprising or unexpected

Ex. (He knows many languages)  He can even speak French.

      (I don’t have money)       I don’t even have small change.

      (Anybody can do it)        Even children can do it.

2.       Even though = but

Ex. Even though it’s raining, we went out.

      He’s happy even though he’s poor.

      He passed the test even though he didn’t study.

WARNING: Be careful because “even” is an Adverb or an Adjective. On the other hand, “even though” is a Conjunction or a Connector


    S + V <--- even (put inside)

--          while –

S + V even though S + V

Even though S + V, S + V

Please don’t fall for this mistake that many students make:

Even S + V, S + V  X

3.       Although = but (the same meaning / “even though” is stronger)

Ex. Although it’s raining, we went out.

     He’s happy although he’s poor.

     He passed the test although he didn’t study.

4.       Though = but (the same meaning / "even though" is stronger)

Ex. Though it’s raining, we went out.

     He’s happy though he’s poor.

     He passed the test though he didn’t study.

*Note: In spoken English, “though” is usually placed at the end of the sentence. Like this:

              Ex. It’s raining. We went out though.

                    He’s poor. He’s happy though.

                    He didn’t study. He passed the test though.


If you want a free audio file on the same topic, just go to iTunes > podcasts > Cool Elf 

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Keep on learning !


  1. Hey I'm kimbbong from lang8

    You even prepared audio file!
    I even learned even. :D

    l've got these easily from you. Thx!

    Oh.. I have a question. Can I use 'by' instead of 'from' above?

  2. Hi Kimbbong! And welcome to my Blog!! ;-)

    Please feel free to post any other questions or comments like this anytime you want.

    Well, I'm a bit confused which sentence you mean... I guess you're talking about "I've got these easily FROM you," right?

    If so, I have to say no. You can't use "BY" in this particular sentence.

    Because the Object of your Preposition is a person, you were right in using "FROM."

    "BY" is often used to talk about methods/ ways ex. by email, by taxi, by asking etc.

    Hope you got it! Thanks for dropping by ;-)

  3. Thanks for explaining kindly :D


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