Monday, January 2

What Do You Do?

( Re - post ! )

This is the second episode of my audio series titled "It's a Small World.

To refresh your memory, the "It's a Small World" podcast is a series of speaking drills that aim at improving a student's Speaking and Listening skills. 

Today, in this episode, I'm going to give you a kind of Introduction on how to handle a conversation dealing with professions.

In this episode, you will learn how to talk about (among other things):

1. Jobs 

2. Status 

3. Plans/ Purpose

4. Schooling


Also, I will give a little taste of the use of the Present Perfect Tense (Have P.P.) and the Adjective "more." 

Here is the link to download the audio file. Good luck!

P.S. If you have iTunes and if you would like to learn more about "It's a Small World" podcast series, please click and read this page: 

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