Monday, January 2

Travel Dialogue

( Re - post ! )

Hi! This is Episode 4 of my podcast series titled “IT’S A SMALL WORLD.

In this episode, you will learn how to handle a conversation about travel plans.

This time, I’ll teach you:

1.       How to talk about travel arrangements

2.       The Be V+ing (Present Continuous Tense) with Future Meaning

3.       PREPOSITIONS of Time

4.       The PREPOSITIONBy

5.       How to read dates

6.       Etc.

As you know, the PREPOSITIONS are one of the toughest (hardest) topics in English. I’ll show you the proper way to learn and practice them – which is both dynamic and practical.

GOOD LUCK! I hope you find this audio file useful.


If you are already subscribed to “COOL ELF – iTUNES,” then you don’t need to download this file. Just wait for iTUNES to send the file to you.

But if you don’t have iTUNES, you can also download the file from this link:

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