Monday, January 2

Where Are You From ?

( Re - post ! )

Hey guys! This is my first PODCAST! Check it out!!

I'd like to call this new series "It's a Small World." 

This title has a very important meaning in today's world, as different nationalities and cultures gather through a common language.

I've always believed that English can help resolve differences and conflicts across international borders. 

It's a Small World 

Episode 1

In this episode, I'll teach (among many things): 

1. Countries and Nationalities 

2. How to Introduce Oneself 

3. How to Introduce Others 

4. Be + Preposition (i.e. I am from...)

5. Formal and Casual Style 


I'd like to thank Mr. Kengo Ando for participating in the making of this material. 

This is basically a Speaking Drill which is good for both speaking and listening practice. 

Just click the link below and it'll easily be downloaded to your PC, notebook computer, or Ipod

Good luck!

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