Sunday, October 30

A Halloween Story

Hi! I wrote this story for my Facebook group “1 English, 1 World.” I hope you find it scary this Halloween season. ;-)

Let’s start…

This is the story of a man named Louis. Louis works as an intern in the City Morgue of Manila.

For those who are not familiar with this word, let me explain.

The morgue is a place where the bodies of dead people are taken.  Inside the morgue, the bodies are cut up and doctors study their inside. This way the experts can learn how and when a person died.

As you can imagine, the Morgue is a very quiet and creepy place. This is because there are many dead people there, lying on tables and covered with white sheets.

There’s also something like a huge filing cabinet on one wall. But when you open the drawers, you don’t get paper out of them. You get more dead bodies, lying on long trays.

Similar to the system in many morgues in the world, each dead body is identified with a white, plastic bracelet wrapped around the left wrist. This “tag” contains information about the dead person; such as name, sex, age etc.

Finally, a morgue is usually found on the basement and the air is always kept cold to slow down the natural process of bodies rotting.

Now, the first time Louis started working as an intern, he was really scared. But not anymore. After a few months of working there, he finally got used to seeing dead bodies around him. He didn’t mind it so much anymore.

But one night when he was working late, he had one hair-raising experience…

Louis was walking very quickly down the hall, from the Morgue to the elevator that would take him upstairs. He was walking fast, almost running.

Behind him, there was the sound of footsteps following slowly.

As soon as he got to the elevator, he pressed the call button of the elevator. He pressed it many times, and he waited fearfully for the elevator to come pick him up. He was really scared.

Luckily enough, the elevator arrived very soon. Louis felt relieved because there was another passenger inside - an old woman, a grandmother wearing a cardigan, who was surprised at Louis’ actions.

He quickly entered the elevator, and even though there were the sounds of running footsteps coming towards them, he quickly pressed the close button.    

The doors of the elevator shut.

“Why…” the old woman asked Louis, “why did you do that? Why did you close the doors when somebody wanted to take the elevator?”

Louis was shaking and in a cold sweat.

“That wasn’t a person…” Louis finally said to the old woman, his face very white. “It was a little girl. I cut her open this afternoon. She was wearing a white, plastic tag on her wrist. That means she… she’s… already dead.”

“Oh,” the old woman gasped. She raised her right hand to cover her mouth. Louis looked at her.

“You mean…” the old woman said. “She was wearing a tag… like this?”

And the old woman was also wearing a white tag on her wrist.

Louis screamed. 

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