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Episode 1


Expression: “Don’t get me wrong.

Quick Explanation: Please don’t misunderstand me/ don’t misunderstand my meaning

Example Dialogues:

A: What do you think about my new girlfriend?

B: Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s really cute and funny, but her fashion’s a bit strange.

A: Aren’t you coming to my party?

B: Don’t get me wrong, I’d really love to, but I have to be somewhere else tonight.   

A: Don’t you like my gift? You don’t look too happy.

B: Don’t get me wrong - I really appreciate this - but it’s a bit too expensive.


Expression:I’m not a big fan of +someone/something

Quick Explanation: I don’t like someone/something so much

Example Dialogues:

A: Hey, do you wanna watch Brad Pitt’s new movie with me?

B: Sorry, I’m not a big fan of Brad Pitt.

A: Wanna go bowling tonight?

B: Sorry, I’m not a big fan of bowling.

A: How often do you cook?

B: To be honest, I’m not a big fan of cooking.


Expression: You can say that again.

Quick Explanation: I completely agree with you.

Example Dialogues:

X A: This pasta’s really good!

B: You can say that again.

A: This pasta’s really good. X

üA: James’ girlfriend is really sexy!

B: You can say that again.

üA: Brrr. It’s freezing outside! (very cold)

B: You can say that again.


Expression: How do you find + someone/ something?

Quick Explanation: What do you think about someone/ something?

Example Dialogues:

X A: How do you find this restaurant?

B: I used a map. X

üA: How do you find our new boss?

B: I think she’s really nice.

üA: How did you find the movie?

B: It was awesome!!


Expression: Can I take a rain check? / I’ll take a rain check

Quick Explanation: I’m sorry I can’t, but I’d like to do that some other time

Example Dialogues:

A: There’s a new cafe near the station. Wanna check it out?

B: Umm, can I take a rain check?

A: Wanna play tennis with us?

B: I’ll take a rain check, if that’s all right. I’ve got a lot of homework tonight!

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