Wednesday, October 19

The BIG Question: "A" or "The"?

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This is Part Two of my lecture about Articles.

If you had missed Part One, called "Articles: The Devils of English"), please click this link to visit that first:

Part One of the ARTICLES

As you know, the topic of Articles, if not the most difficult, is one of the most difficult in English. 

I cannot teach everything about them in one day (let alone 15 minutes of video!). 

But I tried to discuss the basic rules that every serious learner of English needs to know. 

In any case, the most basic are also the most crucial. 

So, Good luck!! Please watch and learn from this video, though incomplete: 

P.S. In all likelihood, this will be the last of my video classes. 

After this, I will start making audio files which are better for both Speaking and Listening practice. 

These files will be very easy to download to your iPod or Mp3 players

Stay tuned! 

Keep on learning !

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