Friday, October 14

Articles ( A, An, The ) : The Devils of English

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The Articles are, if not the most difficult, one of the most difficult topics in English grammar. 

They are short and simple. But quite opposite to their size and appearance, they are very important and really confusing. 

Along with the Prepositions, we can call the Articles ( A, An and The) the "Devils of English." 

Of course, I cannot teach everything about this fearsome topic in a day. And in 15 minutes, it's absolutely impossible. 

But I will try to teach you the first step towards understanding them. The primary and thus most urgent skill  that you need to have. 

This will be very good knowledge to start with, small enough to fit in one video

Hope you learn something! 

P.S. I've been having a lot of trouble uploading videos to Youtube, but now it's Ok and I'm back on the game!

Keep on learning !

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