Thursday, September 15

What is “I GOTTA”?

First, watch this:

In summary…

I Gotta

Sound                          Original                        Less casual
I gotta go.                 I’ve got to go.                   I have to go.

Question: Have you got to go?
Do you have got to go? X

+Answer: Yes, I’ve got to go.

- Answer: No, I don’t have to go.
OR: No, I haven’t got to go. (UK)

Past: I had to go.
I had got to go. X

I Got

Sound                           Original                     Less Casual                
I got something.      I’ve got something.       I have something.

Question: Have you got money?
Do you have got money? X

+Answer: Yes, I’ve got money.

-Answer: No, I haven’t got money.
I don’t have got money. X

Past: I had money.
I had got money. X

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