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A List of All the Tenses in English

Tense” means “time.”

It means the time of the action inside your sentence.

In other words, your Verb can be finished or happening now, finished or not yet, etc.

I think it’s common. Most of the languages in the world have at least 3 basic time: (1) the Past, (2) the Present and (3) the Future.

The Different Tenses of English

1. Past 

2. Present 

3. Future 

In English, each Tense has 4 kinds. Take a look:

Because you’re not a teacher and you just need to learn how to speak English, you don’t need to remember these difficult names in grammar.

But you do need to remember the formula for each Tense:

And because of your level (Beginner), you can practice only the most important first:

You have to remember the formulas, so you can make your sentences in English.

For example, I will use “I” as my Subject, and I will use “Work” as my Verb:

See? This is why Tense is very important.

You have only 1 Subject and 1 Verb, the same Subject and the same Verb.

But you can make 6 different kinds of sentences!

Practice yourself again:

Each and every one of the 6 Tenses has a different meaning. So you can’t mix them and use them in the same situation.

If you do that, you will most likely make a mistake.

Now you can see why Tense is really important in English and it’s one of the most difficult topics.

Anyway, the first step is to practice making sentences and questions. Please remember and use the formulas that I gave you above.

Practice a lot by yourself. Later, I will teach you the meaning of the Tenses -- one by one. 


Please practice this way:

Thanks for reading my lesson. 
See you around! 

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