Monday, August 1

English is Like Boxing

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For Beginner learners, English is like boxing.

I say this because English, in fact, is a reflex action.”

Think about it. When a bit of dust comes to your eye, your eyelashes can sense this and they automatically close – right? – stopping anything from entering your eye and harming it. 

This is what we mean when we say reflex action.” 

Similarly, when somebody accidentally moves the tip of their umbrella towards your face, automatically you avoid it. 

English is like this.

Or rather, your English should be like this.

In real life, I’d say you have just about 3 seconds to start talking. After that, of course your whole sentence should be free of any pauses or restarts.

Think about it. If a person stuttered talking to you in your own native language, you'd feel a little uncomfortable, wouldn't you? This is exactly the same way a native or fluent speaker would feel if your English skill wasn't developed.

In fact, I’d say that after the 3-second waiting time for your answer, they’d start ignoring you or what you want to say. They might not say it to you directly but that’s what they’d be thinking.

This is why it’s important that we improve our communication skills. Not only knowledge, but also constant practice, drills and habit-reinforcement are necessary. 

To make English an automatic part of our system. Registered & Protected

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