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英語はボクシングのようなもの (Trans. by Tomoko Tsutsui)

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For the Beginner speakers, English is like boxing. 

I say this because English, as a matter of fact, is a reflex action.”  

なぜなら、何を隠そう英語は “reflex action” (反射運動) である。

       For example, when a bit of dust comes to your eye, your eyelashes can sense this and they automatically close, right? – preventing anything from entering your eye and damaging it. This is what we mean when we say “reflex.” In the same way, when somebody accidentally pokes the tip of their umbrella towards your face, instinctively you avoid it. English is like this.

        例えば、目にゴミが入ろうとしたら、まつげがこれを感知して勝手に目が閉じる・・・でしょう?あなたの目に異物が入って、傷つくのをさけるためにね。これが “reflex”(反射神経) が意味するものだよ。同じように、もし誰かが傘の先端であなたの顔を突こうとしたら、あなたはこれを本能的にかわすか避けるだろう。英語とはこれと同じようなものである。

       Or rather, your English should be like this. 


       In real life, I’d say you have just about 3 seconds to start talking. After that, of course your whole sentence should be free of any pauses or restarts. 


          Think about it. If a person stuttered talking to you in Japanese, you'd feel a little uncomfortable, right? This is exactly the same way a native or fluent speaker would feel if your English skill wasn't developed.

        In fact, I’d say that after the 3-second waiting time for your response, they’d start ignoring you or what you want to say. They might not tell it to you directly but that’s what they’d be thinking.


      This is why it’s important that we improve our communication skills. Not only knowledge, but also constant practice, drills and habit-reinforcement are necessary. To make English an automatic part of our system.

       だから、私たちがコミュニケーション技術を上達させることはとっても大事なんだ。さらに付け加えると、(1)知識、(2) 継続した練習や演習、習慣も必要だよ。英語を自然と私たちの一部にするためにね。 Registered & Protected


  1. Thank you teacher!! I can understand well what you want to say!! We Japanese study English more than 6years, so we know some grammars and word, but most Japanease can't speak English in real life due to lack of drill and practice, right? I'm there with you!!
    I want to thank you again to start such a nice web site! This is awesome because you remind me of some expressions from "side by side"" like 'As a matter of fact' or 'in addition' something like that:D

    Akiko Nonogawa

  2. WoW! At last, somebody wasn’t too shy to post. :-)

    It’s my honor to have Non-chan’s words as the first ever comment on my Blog. Nice to hear from you, Non-chan!

    (Am I really the Side by Side King?) :-D

    Well, I said these words above especially because I believe that we Asians have a lot of potential in mastering English. I wouldn’t say these things if I didn’t think so.

    Good luck to all Asian learners of English!!!

    Just wait for my next post: “For Upper Beginner and Intermediate Students, English is Like Your Smile.”

    I’ll probably post it tonight…


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